Somewhere in this city is a renowned out-of-print Plant Reference. Can someone find it and bring it to me?


Quest GuideEdit

This quest is fairly interesting in that it is one of few quests that give the player control over the outcome. There are two routes to this quest; an easy route and a hard route.

The easy route will take you to Berund Atelier where Wynne will offer you the book for 1,000en. You can finish the quest here by simply buying it and being on your merry way, but you will be criticized for buying your way through the quest; which has no real lasting implications.

The hard route will allow you to get the maximum reward for this quest. After talking with Wynne decline her offer and she will tell you about a soldier in the Lush Woodlands who got a copy from a Bloodbear, and encourages you to go meet him. (She also commends you for doing things the "explorer way"). Head to B3F of the labyrinth and you'll be met by a soldier who claims to have lost the book, as well as the rest of his belongings when another Bloodbear attacked him at the spring south of this point. He then leaves saying that whatever you find in the labyrinth is yours.

Head south to point F/3-2/5 and you will be confronted by the bear. Challenge him, defeat him, and grab your reward, as well as a surprising bonus from the backpack. Afterwords turn in the request and you will again be commended for taking the long road instead of using money to solve your problems.


  • Exp: 1,200 per member
  • Item: Pierce Hammer
  • Bonus: (Hard Path) Medica II, Amrita, Machete

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