A list of accessories that is found in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. These can be bought from Shilleka's Goods.

The "Special" column is to show if the item is offered in another way, either as a quest reward or from a treasure box. In-game, they are shone gold, similar to conditional drops.

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Special?
Town Crown Proof of mastery over the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. HP+200 TP+100 All Stats +5 Given after completing the Monstrous Codex and Item Compendium Cannot be sold/bought --
Town Medal Proof of passage through the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. HP+200 TP+100 Given after completing Story Mode, or defeating Etreant in Classic Mode Cannot be sold/bought --
Hex Fang Amulet A charm that channels the regret of thase who died while cursed. TEC+10 LUC+5 Bind Resist ↑↑↑ Hex Tusk x1 54,000en Y/H
Squirming Harp A legendary instrument that acts on its own to play an otherworldly melody. HP+80 TP+80 Ailment Resist ↑↑ Throbbing Vine x20 52,000en T
Amber Ring A legendary charm said to protect its wearer, made from a Turtle Shell. DEF+10 VIT+13 Century Shell x1 38,000en --
Ruby A crimson jewel cut from Red Crystal STR+3 Fire Resist ↑↑↑< Red Crystal x10 34,000en --
Topaz A uellow-and-white jewel cut from White Crystal. TECT+2 Volt Resist ↑↑↑ White Crystal x10 34,000en --
Sapphire A nazy-blue jewel cut from Blue Crystal. VIT+5 Ice Resist ↑↑↑ Blue Crystal x10 34,000en --
Moss Ring A ring made from intertwined Yggdrasil leaves. TP+100 AGI+5 TEC+5 Magic Leaf x1 27,000en Y
Toumaline A multicolored jewel cut from Tri-Color. DEF+20 Element Resist ↑ Tri-Color x10 18,000en
Adamas A dazzling jewel cut from Cullinan Diamond. DEF+20 Physical Resist ↑ Cullinan x1 18,000en Y
Hex Doll An eerie doll crafted from the very roots of Yggdrasil. HP+100 TP+100 Headroot x1 Armroot x1 Legroot x1 16,000 Y
Moss Band A choker made with an Yggdrasil leaf. HP+100 STR+7 VIT+7 Lucky Leaf x1 14,000 Y
Anklet An anklet made from a metal loop, used as a charm to protect adventurers. Bind Resist ↑↑

Gummy Wire x1

12,400en Y
Fear Earring Earrings that increase one's terror tolerance. Fear Resist ↑↑↑↑ Severed Stinger x1 12,000en Y
Stun Seal A seal that greatly increases one's stun tolerance. Stun Resist ↑↑↑↑ Binded Jaw x1 12,000en Y
Syrinx A wind instrument made from lengths of Lady Palms arranged by length. TP+140 Lady Palm x1 10,000en T
Ward Gem A gem that drives away evil, made from the tusk of a giant elephant.

DEF+2 TEC+11

Curse Tusk x1 9,700en --
Moss Brooch A brooch with mystical powers, made from leaves of the world tree.

HP+60 TP+60 LUC+10

Sprout Leaf 9,000en


Jewel Eye An expensive, evil-warding jewel created from Shiny Seed. DEF+2 Death Resist ↑↑↑↑ Shiny Seed x1 8,200en Y
Curse Gem A gem that reatly increases curse tolerance. Curse Resist ↑↑↑↑ Cursed Leg x1 7,000en Y
Angel Harp A delicate stringed instrument that plays soothing melodies.


Angel Wing x1 6,000en T
Gold Cape A mantle woven from fine Gold Fur

HP+80 LUC+11

Gold Fur x4 5,000en --
Royal Ring An expensive Magatama ring that only royalty can afford.

TP+30 TEC+7

Magatama x5 5,000en --
Angel Ring A legenday ring said to confer the divine protection of seraphs. TP+70 Angel Wing x6

Giant Wing x6

5,000en --
Rose Ring A scented necklace decorated with beautiful flowers. VIT+7 AGI+7 Sap Vine x2

Oleander x1

5,000en --
Evil Charm A mysterious charm said to repel misfortunes with the power of an oni. DEF+1 Ailment Resist ↑ Evil Leaf x1 4,700en --
Paralysis Ankh An ankh that greatly increases paralysis tolerance. Paralysis Resist ↑↑↑↑ Paralyzed tail x1 4,500en Y
Stone Bangle Bangle that greatly increase one's petrigicatoin tolerance. Petrify Resist ↑↑↑↑ Stone Dress x1 4,500en Y
Aulos A wind instrument consisting of two resonating tubes from Gold Shells. TP+80 Gold Shell x2 4,000en T
Red Cape A mantle dyed red with the dust of crushed Flamerat skulls.

DEF+10 HP+60

Flamerat Skull x7 3,500en --
Panic Guard A belt that greatly increases one's congusion tolerance. Panic Resist ↑↑↑↑ Iced Skin x1 3,000en Y
Sleep Guard A mirror that greatly increases one's sleep tolerance. Sleep Resist ↑↑↑↑ Sleepy Eyeball x1 3,000en Y
Kithara A stringed instrument constructed by stringing two Sand Twigs together. TP+70 Sandy Twig x2 3,000en T
Kayanohime Crown A grass crown made from Temari Katahiba, said to be a goddess; creation. HP+20 Head Bind Resist ↑↑↑↑ Temari Karahiba x1 2,500en Y
Old Choker A choker lined with old fossils that have mysterious powers. DEF+7 Arm Bind Resist ↑↑↑↑ Smashed Fossil x1 2,500en Y
Sea Charm A holy ward made from Stab Shells reclaimed from the Labyrinth. Leg Bind Resist ↑↑↑↑ Stab Shell x1 2,500en --
Blind Mask A mask that greatly increases one's blindness tolerance. Blind Resist ↑↑↑↑ Binded Vine x1 2,000en Y
Poison Charm A talisman that increases one's poison tolerance. Poison Resist ↑↑↑↑ Condensed Mucus x1 2,000en Y
Hide Cape A thick mantle made from tough crocodile hide. HP+60 Stab Resist ↑↑ Gator Skin x1 1,500en --
Flute A reedless wind instrument made from a hollow Sea Branch. TP+60 Sea Branch x1 1,500en T
Tusk Charm A charm carved from a Great Tusk, embodying a giant elephant's power. VIT+5 Bash Resist ↑↑ Great Tusk x1 1,500en --
Blue Ring A clear blue ring granting resistance to cold temperatures. DEF+10 Ice Resist ↑↑ Corundum x1 1,000en Y
Fire Ring A fire-resistant ring with a carminite setting DEF+10 Fire Resit ↑↑ Carminite x1 1,000en Y
Gem Ring A ring set with a shining stone discovered in the Labyrinth. DEF+3 Volt Resist ↑↑ Pyroxene x1 1,000en --
Lute A vine-stringed instrument that plays trembling notes.


Entangling Ivy x1 900en T
Star Charm A simple necklace made by connecting a number of Starseeds together. TP+40 Starseed x1 800en --
Leaf Cape A sleeveless mangle made of leaves.

DEF+5 HP+40

Leafy Branch x2 800en --
Cut Charm A swordsman's charm, made froma Scythe.

HP+30 STR+3

Scythe x1 500en --
Hide Ring A ring of braided strips of beast leather. DEF+2 Cut Resist ↑↑ Gum Hide x2 350en --
Skarn Barrette An auburn hairpin made from ore found at the Forest Entrance. TP+10 VIT+5 Andradite x1 350en Y
Red Charm A charm made from dried red berries found in the Labyrinth.

TP+20 AGI+3

Red Fruit x1 350en Y
Petal Ring A ring mae frolm small flowers that grow at the Forest Entrance. TEC+3 Tiny Petal x3 250en --
Ocarina A wind instrument made from a Metal Horn with holes for playing notes. TP+30 Metal Horn x1 250en T
Hide Belt A belt made of livestock leather. HP+20 ---- 200en --