A list of accessories found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. These can be bought at Chano Retail.

Accessories Edit

Name Details Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Life Belt A belt that augments one's life force. Increases max HP None 300 En 3 HP x3
Vital Belt Draws out all of one's dormant life force. Greatly increases max HP. Light hardwood x2, Small flower x2 2500 En 6 HP x6
Brilliance Belt An orb that heightens mental powers. Increases max TP. Frog cheek x1, Mint x1 300 En 3 TP x3
Godly Belt Used during rituals to receive divine favor. Greatly increases max TP. Hard shell x2, Mint x2 2500 En 6 TP x6
Power Ring A mysterious ring that awakens one's hidden strengths. Increases Strength. Mole claw x1,Small flower x1 500 En 2 Strength x2

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