Accessories are items equipable in the armor slots. There are a variety of accessories in Etrian Odyssey II. However, only a couple of accessories are available at the beginning for purchase from Sitoth Trading, but more can be unlocked as you sell monster drops.

Name Buy Sell Description Effect Classes Requirements
Rhino Horn 50,000 20,000 Horn charm that confers protection from death. Death Resist+++ All 1x Pure Horn, 1x Cat's Eye
Curse Ring 50,000 20,000 A ring that consumes any active curse. Curse Resist+++ All 1x Cat's Eye, 1x Red Quill
Divine Orb 45,000 18,000 Blesses its user with divine fortune. TP+100 All 1x Jade Thews
Phys Wall 45,000 18,000 Creates a barrier that lessens physical damage. Physical Resist+ All 1x Star Rock, 1x Moss Shell
Brawn Ring 40,000 16,000 Unique ring that unseals the entire body's power. STR+10 All 1x Jade Thews
Raise Ring 40,000 16,000 A ring once worn by an ancient world ruler. All Stats+5 All 1x Star Rock
State Wall 25,000 10,000 Charm blessed by the god of health and fortune. Ailment Resist+ All 1x Tourmaline, 1x Gold Shell
Magic Wall 25,000 10,000 Puts the wearer's body in harmony with nature. Elemental Resist+ All 1x Tourmaline
Stone Ring 25,000 10,000 A ring made from a shattered stone statue. Stone Resist+++ All 1x Moonstone, 1x Comet Chip
Vigor Belt 20,000 8,000 Unlocks the body's hidden potential. HP+100 All 1x Shine Rock, 1x Coal Bone
Glow Brace 20,000 8,000 Luminous, sentient band that protects its user. HP+50 TP+50 All 1x Shine Rock
Bind Wall 15,000 6,000 Prevents the entire body from being bound. All Bind Resist++ All 1x Red Quartz, 1x Sticky Web
Wise Piece 15,000 6,000 Bestows great mental focus on its user. TEC+10 All 1x Shine Rock, 1x Pure Bone
Snow Quill 12,000 4,800 A feather brooch that prevents panic attacks. Terror Resist+++ All 1x Prehnite, 1x Pale Beak
Cut Wall 10,000 4,000 Dampens the damage taken from slashing attacks. Cut Resist++ All 1x Malachite
Volt Wall 10,000 4,000 Lessens the damage taken from volt attacks. Volt Resist++ All 1x Malachite, 1x Gold Crest
Hero Orb 7,000 2,800 Its special properties aid the user's focus. TP+50 All 1x Red Quartz
Bug Piece 5,000 2,000 Piece that protects the mind from interference. Confuse Resist+++ All 1x Celestine, 1x Bug Nest
Head Guard 5,000 2,000 Gear that helps keep the head from being bound. Bind Head Resist+++ All 1x Space Husk, 1x Celestine
Stab Wall 4,000 1,600 Dampens the damage taken from piercing attacks. Stab Resist++ All 1x Adularia
Ice Wall 4,000 1,600 Lessens the damage taken from ice attacks. Ice Resist++ All 1x Adularia, 1x White Chip
Fate Beads 3,000 1,200 Set with multiple gems that bring good fortune. LUC+20 All 1x Ice Sheet
Haste Pin 3,000 1,200 Lets its user run like the wind itself. AGI+10 All 1x Ice Sheet, 1x Snow Quill
Brio Wrist 3,000 1,200 Fortifies the wearer inside and out. VIT+10 All 1x Ice Sheet, 1x Metal Horn
Bite Piece 2,000 800 Piece made by hardening a carnivorous plant bulb. Blind Resist+++ All ???
Arm Guard 2,000 800 Gear that helps keep the arms from being bound. Bind Arms Resist+++ All ???
Fungus Jet 2,000 800 Made after analysis of paralyzing fungal spores. Paralysis Resist+++ All ???
Bash Wall 1,500 600 Dampens the damage taken from strike attacks. Bash Resist++ All 1 x Red Ball
Fire Wall 1,500 600 Lessens the damage taken from fire attacks. Fire Resist++ All 1 x Red Ball
Life Belt 1,000 400 Assists in circulation of the bodily humors. HP+50 All ???
Leg Guard 800 320 Gear that helps keep the legs from being bound. Bind Legs Resist+++ All ???
Bird Stare 800 320 A necklace that guards against drowsiness. Sleep Resist+++ All Feather x 1
Venom Ring 800 320 Made from the remains of poisonous butterflies. Poison Resist+++ All ???
Power Ring 200 80 Mysterious ring that awakens inner strength. STR+5 All 1 x Garnet
Luck Beads 200 80 Its well-polished gem is said to bring luck. LUC+10 All ???
Apt Piece 200 80 Aids in the user's concentration. TEC+5 All 1 x Garnet
Speed Pin 200 80 Gives its user the speed of a fleeing rabbit. AGI+5 All ???
Guts Wrist 200 80 Enhances the body's innate defense capacity. VIT+5 All ???

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