Accessories are items equipable in the armor slots. There are a variety of accessories in Etrian Odyssey IV. However, only a couple of accessories are available at the beginning for purchase from the Berund Atelier, but more can be unlocked as you sell monster drops. All accessories can be equipped by all classes, and sell for 40% of their buy price.

Shop AccessoriesEdit

Name   Buy   Description Effect Requirements
Power Ring 200 A mysterious bracelet that awakens one's hidden strengths. Equip to increase STR 5 STR Available From Start
Smart Earring 200 An earring that raises one's concentration. Equip to increase TEC. 5 TEC Available From Start
Blind Mask 300 A mask that greatly increases one's resistance to blindness effects. 8 Blind RES 1x Iridescent Ore
Critical Belt 300 A band that makes it easier to use force. Equip to increase critical hit rate. 5 CRI 1x Shocked Talon
Rabbit Amulet 300 A charm that makes one run with the speed of a fleeing hare. Equip to increase AGI. 5 AGI 1x Rickrack Tongue, 1x Frog Cheek Meat
Leg Guard 500 An accessory that greatly increases one's resistance to leg binding effects. 8 Leg Bind RES 3x Frog Fluid
Arm Guard 500 An accessory that greatly increases one's resistance to arm binding effects. 8 Arm Bind RES 2x Rainbow Skin, 2x Cyanite
Head Guard 500 A headband that greatly increases one's resistance to head binding effects. 8 Head Bind RES 2x Iridescent Ore, 2x Rainbow Skin
Aim Goggles 800 Goggles that heighten attack precision. Equip to increase hit rate. 5 HIT 1x Green Feather
Stab Charm 800 A charm that lessens stabbing damage. Equip to reduce stab attacks by half. 5 Stab RES 1x Boar Tusk
Sleep Guard 900 A mirror that greatly increases one's resistance to sleep effects. 8 Sleep RES 3x Umbrella Lump
Ice Charm 1,400 A magic tool that lessens ice damage. Equip to reduce ice attacks by half. 5 Ice RES 1x Fiery Seed
Life Belt 1,400 A belt that promotes one's life forces. Equip to increase MAX HP. 5 HP 1x Jet-Black Pith, 1x Panic Chakra
Lucky Choker 1,400 A necklace made from rare materials. Equip to increase LUC.  5 LUC 1x Dangerous Bud, Sealed Claw
Slash Charm 2,000 A charm that lessens cutting damage. Equip to reduce cut attacks by half. 5 Slash RES 1x Broken Horn
Poison Charm 3,500 A talisman that raises constitution. Equip to greatly increase poison resistance. 8 Poison RES 1x Cork Bark
Gale Amulet 3,500 A charm that brings strength to one's legs. Equip to greatly increase AGI. 8 AGI 1x Shining Rectrix
Brilliance Belt 3,500 An orb that heightens the power of the mind. Equip to increase MAX TP. 5 TP 3x Glassy Eye
Paralysis Ankh 3,500 An ankh that geratly increases one's resistance to paralysis effects. 8 Paralysis RES 1x Dried Vine
Fire Charm 3,500 A magic tool that lessens fire damage. Equip to reduce fire attacks by half. 5 Fire RES 1x Hard Shell
Bolt Charm 4,000 A magic tool that lessens volt damage. Equip to reduce volt attacks by half. 5 Volt RES 1x Metallic Cord
Bash Charm 4,000 A charm that lessens bashing damage. Equip to reduce bash attacks by half. 5 Bash RES 1x Mystery Shard
Strength Ring 4,500 A menacing bracelet that awakens innner strength. Equip to greatly increase STR. 8 STR 3x Poison Ferrule, 3x Toxic Bone.
Wisdom Earring 4,500 An earring that increases information retention. Equip to greatly increase TEC. 8 TEC 5x Chalcedony, 3x Sealed Skull
Panic Guard 6,500 A sash that increases ones focus. Equip to greatly increase panic resistance. 8 Panic RES 1x Rose Quartz, 3x Scorched Sap
Curse Gem 6,500 An enchanted stone that wards evil. Equip to greatly increase curse resistance 8 Curse RES 3x Cursed Hypha, 1x Sealed Cap
Stone Charm 6,500 A charm that increases flexibility. Equip to geratly boost petrification resistance. 8 Petrify RES 3x Serpentinite, 3x Flame Tail
Target Goggles 7,000 Goggles that analyze enemy movements. Equip to greatly increase hit rate.  8 CRI 1x Shocked Bug Eye
Velocity Choker 12,000 A choker that enables surprise attacks. Equip to greatly increase action speed. 8 SPD 1x Locust Wing
Heavenly Belt 15,000 An orb used in blessing rituals. Equip to increase MAX TP. 8 TP 1x Icy Seed, 1x Melted Core
Stamina Belt 15,000 A belt that unleashes the wearer's hidden stamina. Equip to increase MAX HP 8 HP 2x Black Root
Fortune Necklace 15,000 A necklace made of a lucky stone. Equip to incease LUC 8 LUC 3x Tourmaline
Death Megatama 18,000 A megatama with holy power. Equip to greatly raise resistance to instant kills 8 Death Res 3x Crimson Eye
Stun Seal 25,000 A charm to help ignore pain. Equip to greatly increase stun tolerance 8 Stun Res 3x Blue Blood
Deathly Belt 25,000 A band that puts more power into attacks. Equip to geratly increase critical hit rate.  8 CRI 3x Scorched Petal
Great Hawk Medal 40,000 A medal with an image of a great hawk that boosts the bearer's elemental power. 8 ELM 5x Frozen Heart
Lion Medal 40,000 A medal that greatly increases the bearer's attack, like a valiant lion. 8 ATK 2x Red Lion Fang

Special AccessoriesEdit

These Accessories are obtained from chests or by doing quests. Anyone can use them, and unless stated otherwise they only sell for 10en.

Name Description Effect Requirements
Bronze Icon A bronze badge given to those who have cooperated with a Holy Knight. HP +10, All Stats +1 Assist Kirjonen in the Windy Plains.
Silver Icon A silver badge given to those who have cooperated with a Holy Knight. HP +20, All Stats +2 Assist Kirjonen in the Scarlet Pillars.
Gold Icon A gold badge given to those who have cooperated with a Holy Knight. HP +40, All Stats +3 Assist Kirjonen in the Sacred Mountains.
Platinum Icon A platinum badge given to those who have cooperated with a Holy Knight. HP +70, All Stats +5 Assist Kirjonen in the Cloudy Stronghold.
Dragon Driftwood ? TP +5, All Stats +1 Assist Wiglaf in the Windy Plains.
Dragon Shard A charm made by breaking dragon scales into smaller fragments. TP+10, All Stats +2 Assist Wiglaf in the Scarlet Pillars.
Dragon Fangs A necklace made of fangs that fall out as a baby dragon grows older. TP +20, All Stats +3 Assist Wiglaf in the Sacred Mountains.
Dragon Stud A simple earring made from a bit of dragon bone. TP +40, All Stats +5 Assist Wiglaf in the Cloudy Stronghold.
Lightning Ring A ring that shocks enemies on contact. Skill: Lightning Rune Lv1 ?
Binoculars A pair of telescopes used with both eyes. Increases the party's hit rate. Skill: Spotter Lv1 ?
Curse Ink A ring that nullifies an enemy's resistance to binds and status ailments. Skill: Releasal Spell Lv1 ?
Tharsis Wing A token of gratitude from the Outland Count, given to only the best adventurers. (Cannot be sold) HP +100, All Stats +10 Complete mission: Stop Yggdrasil's activation!
Tharsis Comet A token of gratitude from the Outland Count, for accomplishing great deeds. (Cannot be sold) TP +100, All Stats +15 Defeat the Warped Savior and speak to the Outland Count.