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The Ancient Forest is the lowest stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, and the most accessible. It is here where the protagonist and Flavio first meet Arianna during their initiation task of mapping out the eastern half of the first floor, with the assistance of Wulfgar whom they meet on the way.

The higher floors are dotted with hollow traps that adventurers can pass over but larger, heavier monsters can trigger and get trapped in for a while. Also scattered about are ruins that obstruct the player's path but pose no obstacle to flying FOEs. The highest floor of the Ancient Forest resides the Chimaera.

Tucked away in the hidden corner of 4F is the Yggdrasil Key, which allows the party to open up special locked doors. Through there and the resulting secret area lies the Wyvern, looming over the legendary gun Agnea...


Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mine Chop Take Chests
1F Forest Snail, Hedgehog, Crawler, Mole, Longisquama*, Raptor Lord*, Thunder Rabbit*, Clamper*, Hail Flower* Ragelope, Wyvern**, Brainwashed Worker^, Livid Butcher^ -- -- Small Flower, Sour Fruit, Dew Shard, Rye, Citron 2
2F Hedgehog, Mole, Roller, Venomfly, Thunder Rabbit* Raptor, Frog Lord*, Indignant Mantis^ Aragonite, Amazonite, Garnet, Sugar Beet, Rock Salt -- -- 4
3F Cube Gel, Wild Wing, Giant Ladybug, Sunflower, Roller, Venomfly, Raptor Lord* Raptor, Terrible Hunter, Master Bird -- Bent Twig, Hard Root, Clumped Sap, Walnut, Aspargus Small Flower, Sour Fruit, Dew Shard, Rye, Citron 2
4F Flying Lizard, Hypnosis Owl, Cube Gel, Giant Ladybug, Wild Wing, Cube Gel Vampire Bat, Mimic*** -- -- -- 7
5F Rafflesia, King Snail, Forest Snail, Hypnosis Owl Ragelope, Raptor, Vampire Bat, Chimaera Aragonite, Amazonite, Garnet, Sugar Beet Bent Twig, Hard Root, Clumped Sap, Asparagus Small Flower, Sour Fruit, Dew Shard, Citron 4

*Located in the secret area.
**First spawns once "The waiting wyvern" is accepted.
***Found in west half of 4F once "A clever ruse" is accepted.
^Spawns during "Law and order".
†DLC only.

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