Anemone (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

A sea monster with enormous appetite that causes trouble for the fishermen near Armoroad.
Enemy Data
HP 17000
AT 61
DF 68
EXP 160000
Skills Tentacle Suck, Tentacle Reap, Tentacle Grab, Cnidocyte Rush
Items Dimension Disc, Blue Bone (Conditional)
Weakness Fire
Resistance Binds, Physical Attacks, OHKO, Status Ailments
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Anemone can be found on the 2nd Stratum (Undersea Grotto) on a secret path in B5F. A quest must be accepted in order to battle this monster, and you will also need the Moon Key to access a secret door on B6F.

Anemone is a postgame boss from Etrian Odyssey III. It is arguably the hardest boss among the other two superbosses (Alraune and Kraken) as its moves typically consist of damaging the entire party with its tentacles, inflicting binds and status ailments, and also healing itself. Additionally, Anemone has an attack which can OHKO party members. It is critical for the player to be able to effectively unbind the party, as its Tentacle Suck will not only deal massive damage when binds are present, but also greatly heal it.


  • Tentacle Suck (Uses ???): Deals bash damage to the entire party, returning 2x the damage dealt to Anemone. Increased power for each bind present.
  • Tentacle Grab (Uses ???): Random binds to the entire party. Can inflict multiple binds to each member.
  • Tentacle Reap (Uses ???): Low damage to the entire party. Can inflict death.
  • Cnidocyte Rush (Uses ???): Multi-hit attack on random party members. Can poison.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to acquire Anemone's conditional drop, the Blue Bone, it must be finished off with non-elemental damage.

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