The Angry Baboon appears for the first time in Etrian Odyssey IV. It is a dark shade of red with a large blonde afro. The colors on its face, while natural, are symbolic of war-paints, suggesting this is not a foe to take lightly.

Angry Baboon (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Angry Baboon
Angry Baboon
A large baboon with unique coloration on its face... and a signature pattern on its posterior.
Enemy Data
HP 182
AT 15
DF 11
EXP 378
Skills Swing, Throw
Items Baboon Bone
Weakness Curse, Poison, Sleep, Confusion, Paralysis, Blind, Binds
Resistance None
Immune None
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These baboons are powerful enemies encountered on B1F and B2F of the Lush Woodlands. On the second floor, this monster starts appearing alongside a Roller or a Big Roller, which is thrown at the party dealing heavy damage.

Binding his arms prevents him from using Swing and Throw.

Skills Edit

  • Swing (Uses Arms): Inflicts Cut damage on one party member.
  • Throw (Uses Arms): Inflicts Bash damage to either row or party depending on co-op partner.

Drops Edit

  • Baboon Bone (Worth: 10 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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