The Angry Baboon appears for the first time in Etrian Odyssey IV. It is a dark shade of red with a large blonde afro. The colors on its face, while natural, are symbolic of war-paints, suggesting this is not a foe to take lightly.

Angry Baboon (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Angry Baboon
Angry Baboon
A large baboon with unique coloration on its face... and a signature pattern on its posterior.
Enemy Data
HP 182
AT 15
DF 11
EXP 378
Skills Swing, Throw
Items Baboon Bone
Weakness None
Resistance None
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These baboons are powerful enemies encountered on B1F and B2F of the Lush Woodlands. On the second floor, this monster starts appearing alongside a Roller or a Big Roller, which is thrown at the party dealing heavy damage.

Binding his arms prevents him from using Swing and Throw.

Skills Edit

  • Swing (Uses Arms): Inflicts Cut damage on one party member.
  • Throw (Uses Arms): Inflicts Bash damage to either row or party depending on co-op partner.

Related MonstersEdit

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