I'm coming up with a new dish to serve at the inn, and I need a barrel-full of delicious fruit from the Sacred Mountains.


Quest GuideEdit

You obtain an Oak Barrel for this quest. Head to the Sacred Mountains and harvest the vegetables there, putting any Sunshine Apples, White Apples, or Crimson Apples into the barrel. Fill the barrel with 4 apples of any variety to complete the mission.

You get increased rewards if you loaded 2 or more Crimson Apples (rare drop).


  • Increased item storage

If fewer than 2 Crimson Apples are loaded:

  • Item: Medica II x2
  • Exp: 2,700 per member

If 2 or more Crimson Apples are loaded:

  • Item: Medica II x4
  • Exp: 3,200 per member

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