Circle Magic!

A race of casters from unnamed lands. Their circles inflict crippling effects, and can be released to attack or heal. - In-game description

The Arcanist (ミスティック Mystic) excels where not many can - the art of debuffing and inflicting powerful status defects. They can destroy their enemies with circles of numerous types, or even heal their allies using their powerful circles. Ill-suited for physical damage as they are, they can only deal high damage by dispelling an active circle to an enemy at any distance. Arcanists are generally favored with a Nightseeker, due to the fact that the Nightseeker benefits heavily from enemies with status ailments.


Akin to Hexers from the first two games, Arcanists specialize in inflicting crippling ailments or binds to multiple enemies at once, allowing the rest of the party to lay into them. These are accomplished using Circles, which not only inflict the bind/ailment to all enemies, but also repeatedly attempt the specified ailment/bind at the end of the turn, over 3 turns, without needing any further input from the Arcanist. In the meantime, the Arcanist is free to set down their debuffs or utilize other skills granted by their subclass, while their Circle Boon passively heals the party. In the chance that the circle is no longer needed, usually due to all enemies being afflicted, the Arcanist converts the circle into pure damage with Dismiss Blow or Dismiss Blast, or supports the party with a powerful Dismiss Heal.

To improve their ability at crippling enemies, Arcanists have incredible Luck growth, and their strong Technique stat empowers their damaging and healing ability. Their durability only barely surpasses the Runemasters, so it is best that the Arcanist remain at the back row during battles.

  • Strengths: Capable of shutting down multiple enemies at once, great support capability.
  • Weaknesses: TP-taxing skills, skill tree requires large skill point investments to fully utilize.

Subclassing Edit

Subclasses for ArcanistsEdit

The skew in Arcanist stat growth that favours Technique over Strength locks out a lot of synergy with the more physically-oriented subclasses. The heavy skill point demand in the main skill tree for an optimized Arcanist can also make it difficult to spare enough free skill points to best use the subclasses' abilities. However, there are still a few options that can utilize the Arcanist stat distribution:

  • Nightseeker: Throw skills are mainly used to inflict ailments - particularly curse and blind which the Arcanist circles lack - so that the Arcanist can focus more on binding circles. Assassinate can also help the Arcanist eliminate threats after spreading ailments with their circles. Speed Boost gives the Arcanist increased turn speed to efficiently shut down the opposition with circles or debuffs.
  • Medic: Subclassing Medic to Arcanist turns Arcanist into the most efficient healer of the game. Heal Mastery and Steady Hands amplifies all healing effects, allowing for Circle Boon to provide great amounts of passive regeneration and also amplifying the effect of Dismiss Heal. Due to how Circles operate, Arcanists will have several free turns to support the party through Revive, Refresh and Recovery. Party Heal allows the Arcanist to heal the team without needing to spend time setting up and using a Circle. TP Boost raises the Arcanist's own battle stamina.
  • Runemaster: Mainly for TP Boost and Free Energy, it will greatly cover their TP and have synergy with their mastery skills. Arcanists have a very good Tec growth, second only to the Runemasters, so the Rune attack spells are good alternate offensive options should the Arcanist have the skill points to spare. As Dismiss Blow and Dismiss Blast classify as untyped, Runic Flare can also vastly improve the damage done.

Arcanist as SubclassEdit

Most of the Circle-related skills work best when they have maximal investment - instead, Arcanists are usually chosen for their Ailment Boost passive that raises bind/ailment success, and TP Return once a bind/ailment succeeds. Optionally, Releasal Spell is picked for resetting a boss' ailment/bind resistance to make it easier to shut them down again.

  • Nightseekers and Snipers base their strategy around binds and ailments; Ailment Boost and TP Return are absolutely necessary to make them stronger and last longer.
  • Medics optionally utilize Circle Boon for passive healing over time, leaving their hands free to do other things like cure binds/ailments without needing further input.

Skill TreeEdit

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Proficiency Recover TP when the effects of a circle wear off. Class None Triggers when a Circle fades or is dismissed.
'Circle Boon Party recovers some HP at the end of each turn while a circle is active. Passive None
Poison Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, poisoning all enemies. Circle None Level to also increase poison damage.
Nerve Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, paralyzing all enemies. Circle Poison Circle Lv2
Chain Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, binding the arms of all enemies. Circle None
Snare Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, binding the legs of all enemies. Circle Chain Circle Lv2
Warding Mist Chance of nulling a bind or status ailment on allies in your line. Passive None
Tame Ground Decreases damage taken from damage floors for a certain number of steps. Dungeon None Level to also increase duration.
Bracing Walk Heals the entire party as you walk through dungeons. Passive Tame Ground Lv2
Herbology Greater chance of finding extra plants when gathering. Passive None

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Expertise Recover more TP when the effects of a circle wear off. Class Proficiency Triggers when a Circle fades or is dismissed.
Dismiss Heal Dismiss the active Circle to restore some HP to the entire party. Dismissal Circle Boon Lv3
Dismiss Blow Dismiss the active Circle for a ranged untyped attack to 1 enemy. Dismissal Dismiss Heal Lv3
Sleep Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, inducing sleep on all enemies. Circle Poison Circle Lv2
Chaos Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, panicking all enemies. Circle Sleep Circle Lv3
Hood Circle Forms a circle that lasts 3 turns, binding the heads of all enemies. Circle Snare Circle Lv2
Charm Eye For 3 turns, lowers physical and elemental power of all enemy attacks. Support None
Atrophic Eye For 3 turns, lowers physical and elemental defense for all enemies. Support Charm Eye Lv2
Purist Chef Increases TP gains from cooked food. Sky None

Skill Description Type Prerequisites Extra
Enlightenment Recover more TP when the effects of a Circle wear off. Class Expertise Triggers when a Circle fades or is dismissed.
Dismiss Blast Dismiss the active Circle for a ranged untyped attack to all enemies. Dismissal Dismiss Blow Lv3
Circle Mastery Increases the effect of dismissing Circles. Passive Dismiss Blast Lv3 Effect bonus also scales with level of Circle being dismissed.
TP Return Recover some TP when inflicting ailments or binds. Passive None TP recovery is constant regardless of how many enemies are afflicted in a single move.
Releasal Spell Eliminates 1 enemy's resistances to binds and status ailments. Support None Level to reduce cost.
Ailment Boost Increases chance of inflicting ailments or binds on enemies. Passive None

To unlockEdit

The Arcanist class is unlocked after defeating the Hollow Queen in the 2nd Maze. Report your successful mission to the Outland Court, after some dialogue, Wufan will give you the Circle Staff, which will now allow you to recruit them. Wufan herself also offers to permanently join the guild.

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