A list of armor found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. These can be bought at Chano Retail.

Heavy Armor Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Spiked Leather Armor whose resistance has been improved by adding countless spikes. Def +5 None 230 En 2 Luck x2
Scale Mail Armor made of small overlapping discs cut from beast shells. It's sturdy, but heavy. Def +7 Grasseater leg x1, Dolemite x2 270 En 2 Luck x1, Elemental x1
Lorica Squamata Armor strengthened with small copper plates on the lining. Def +9 Poison Hypha x1, Steel Earth x2 440 En 2 Luck x1, Cut protection x1
Studded Mail Armor reinforced by carefully embedding metal into it. Def +12 Bat fang x1, Chalcedony x2 ??? 2 Elemental x1, Cut protection x1
Ring Mail Armor made of woven metal rings. Def +15 Spotted tongue x1, Dolomite x2 510 En 3 Pierce protection x1, Fire resistance x1, Technique x1
Fluted Armor Functional armor with notched grooves in it for parrying. Def +18 Armor shard x2, Steel earth x2 750 En 3 Elemental x1, Ice protection x1, HP x1

Light Armor Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Leather Vest A simple tunic made from the skins of beast found in the labyrinth. Def +4 None 60 En 0 None
Haubergeon Armor made lighter by raising the hem. Def +6 None 230 En 2 HP x1, Technique x1
Leaf Tunic Armor that has been lightened by limiting the amount of reinforcements. Def +7 None 260 En 1 Technique x1
Half Armor Sturdy armor made for infantry. Def +9 None 410 En 2 HP x1, Luck x1
Cuirassair Armor that foregoes defensive joints in favor of mobility. Def +11 None 450 En 2 Luck x1, Technique x1
Wing Plate A breastplate with large feathers that parry attacks inlaid across its surface. Def +21 Golden horn x1, Ice stake x1 1020 En 1 HP x1

Cloth Armor Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Tweed Woolen Clothing that's easy to move in, but has low defense. Def +3 None 50 En 0 None
Scale Jerkin Clothes fashioned by lining scales on the surface of the fabric. Def +5 Sky iron nail x1, Teak wood x1 200 En 2 Strenth x1, TP x1
Chemise Clothes that cover from the chest to the waist for maximum protection. Def +7 Muddle hypha x1, Mahogany x1 400 En 3 Strenght x2, Confusion resistance x1
Leaf Jacket Adventuring garb dyed with forest leaves. Def +8 Mountain claw x1, Jet-black pith x1 600 En 3 TP x1, HP x1, Paralyze resistance x1
Sack Dress Clothing made from coarse, heavy fibers. Def +10 Sky iron shell x1, Jet-black pith x1 1000 En 1 Poison resistance x1

Shields Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Buckler A small shield used to parry attacks. Def +1 None 30 En 0 None
Targe A small shield hung on armor to protect the user's shoulders and joints. Def +3 Fiery rind x1, Teak wood x1 110 En 2 None
Round Shield A circular shield made for soldiers on the front lines. Def +4 Mole claw x1, Sturdy timber x1 120 En 3 Volt Resistance x1
Heater Shield A large cowhide shield that guards the upper body. Def +5 Light hardwood x1, Paulownia bark x1 200 En 4 None
Caetra Despite its small size it's very good at withstanding impacts. Def +5 Muddle Hypha x1, Jet-black pith x1 210 En 2 ???
Kite Shield A shield that has been lengthened vertically for nearly full coverage. Def +6 Sky iron shell x1, Jet-black pith x1 230 En 4 Paralyze resistance x1
Studded Shield A shield made from hide fortified by heat, blunting the force of explosions. Def +7 Sky iron claw x1, Paulownia bark x1 240 En 3 ???
Aspis A durable, circular shield made from hard shells. Def +8 Boar tusk x1, Trileaf stalk x1 330 En 4 None
Battle Counter A spear-like blade is attached to this to deal damage to one's attackers. Def +10 Spiked ball x1 680 5 ???
Sentry Shield This shield protects its holder as if a guardian were hidden nearby. Def +13 Giant petal x2, Yggdrasil trunk x2 ??? 4 None

Headgear Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Feathered Hat Typical headgear for adventurers. Def +2 None 60 En 0 None
Kettle Hat A hat-shaped, heavy helm forged from ore. Def +4 Hard skin x1, Small flower x1 120 En 1 Technique x1
Barrette A cute hair clip made from a bunny's tail. Def +6 Rabbit tail x1, Mint x1 110 En 3 Technique x1, TP x1, Fire resistance
Hairpin A hairpin carved out of wood. Def +6 Muddle hypha x1, Scarlet sage x1 200 En 3 Technique x1, Ice resistance x1, HP x1
Chain Helm A helmet that keeps the head protected with woven metal threads. Def +7 Rabbit tail x1, Luminous moss x1 210 En 3 Technique x1, TP x2
Caresche A hat made with a soft lining for maximum comfort. Def +8 Muddle hypha x1, Crane ginseng x1 270 En 4 TP x2, Hand bind resistance x2

Armwear Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Thick Gloves Simple gloves made from tree bark gathered nearby. Def +1 None 30 En 0 None
Light Muffs A cylindrical fitting that covers the entire hand, protecting it. Def +4 Sky iron nail x1, Cyanite x1 60 En 2 TP x1, Luck x1
Hair Mittens Gloves made of beast hide that make one feel as if they have incredible strength. Def +6 Hard skin x1, Iridescent ore x1 80 En 1 TP x1
Iron Gloves Gauntlets of hard pelt mixed with chains for even more protection. Def +8 Hard skin x1, Dolomite x1 185 En 2 Luck x2
Leather Gloves Simple gloves with effective grips. Def +10 Hard skin x1, Steel earth x1 660 En 1 TP x1
Studded Gloves The fingers in these gloves are combined to allow for great power. Def +11 Sky iron shell x1, Chalcedony x1 880 En 2 TP x1

Footwear Edit

Name Description Effect Ingredients Buy Price Forge Slots Forge Slots Used
Hide Boots Sturdy boots made by layering tanned leather. Def +2 None 40 En 1 Technique x1
Chain Greaves Sturdy boots made by mixing ore and chains Def +4 Mole Claw x1, Teak Wood x1 80 En 2 Agility x1, Technique x1
Strap Shoes Shoes fixed in place by wrapping string around their wearer's legs. Def +5 Mole Claw x1, Guaiacum Wood x1 240 En 1 Agility x1
Solid Moccasins Armor that protects the entire leg with hard, sturdy material. Def +6 Hard Skin x1, Guaiacum Wood x1 600 En 2 Technique x1, HP x1
Front Cuisse Leg guards for assault soldiers, with plating on the front. Def +7 Sky Iron Shell x1, Jet-black Pith x1 800 En 1 HP x1
Jackboots Long boots with a strong surface. Favored by knights. Def +8 Sky Iron Shell x1, Paulownia Bark x1 1050 En 1 Vitality x1
Ivy Anklets Shrouds the wearer with mysterious power that makes healing spells more effective. Def +10 Lion Claw x1, Mahogany x1 1200 En 2 Healing x1, Vitality x1
War Greaves Leg armor that won't break while running around a battlefield. Def +11 Wallaby Fist x1, Trileaf Stalk x1 1300 En 3 Fire x1, Ice x1, Volt x1
Kilt Tassels Special shoes with patterns sewn into them that create a barrier. Def +12 Bear Claw x2, Ice Stake x1 1400 En 2 Technique x2
Insect Sandals Lively-colored sandals created to lessen the burden on the legs. Def +13 Baboon Skin x2, Wisteria Branch x1 1500 En 1 Volt x1
Night Greaves Heavy skin guards used by knights. Def +14 Metallic Horn x2, Yggdrasil Trunk x1 1600 En 3 Ice x3
Quill Boots Boots with feathers imbued with magical powers. Def +15 Writhing Wood x2, Trileaf Stalk x1 1700 En 2 HP x1, Technique x1
Sabaton Leg armor with several layers of metal to repel fierce attacks. Def +16 Thorny Shell x2, Thujopsis Root x1 1800 En 2 HP x1, Technique x1
River Tabi These tabi's magical water-repelling nature allows their wearer to walk on water. Def +17 Bent Claw x2, Holly Lumber x1 1900 En 1 Water Walking
Fairy Boots Bolsters the wearer's spirit via the protection of fairies. Def +18 Hard Bark x2, Cave Palm Bark x1 2000 En 2 Technique x2
Commander Boots Thigh-high boots worn by leaders of men in battle. Def +19 Cursed Hypha x2, Cork Tree Bark x1 2100 En 1 Luck x1
Guard Poleyn Leg armor with strenghtened knee guards that catch attacks. Def +20 Golden Shell x2, Pagoda Branch x1 2200 En 3 Ice x1, Volt x2
Battle Boots Boots preferred by veteran warriors for their reliability in battle. Def +21 Magma Core x2, Pagoda Branch x1 2300 En 3 Ice x2, Volt x1
Talaria The pinnacle of footware, worn by a great hero as he struck down monsters. Def +22 Purple Hybrid x2, Evil Copal x1 2400 En 2 HP x2
Vitharr Boots Boots as sturdy as steel, made from a titanic boar's lower jawbones. Def +24 Glacier Core x2, Evil Copal x1 2500 En 1 HP x1