The following is a list of all armor available from Shilleka. Most of them require you to unlock it first by selling an appropriate amount of the right treasure.


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Dino Plate 25,000 10,000 Strong breastplate carved from a dragon's sternum. DEF+32 Physical Resist+ MAH Sternum x 1
Demon Mail 82,000 10,000 Extremely hard armor made of layered demon shells. DEF+52 STR+10 HP+20 L Evil Shell x 1
Sylpheed 79,000 10,000 Clothes made with demon feathers that ease the wearer's movement. DEF+47 AGI+11 HP+15 S Evil Plume x 1
Holy Armor 98,000 10,000 Legendary armor that can only be worn by the pure of heart. DEF+56 HP+25 Physical Resist+ P 1000 Shell x 1
Ghost Vest 95,500 10,000 Armor that cloaks it's wearer in mirage. DEF+47, AGI+18, TEC+10 D Gem Scale x 10
Mobius Alb 89,000 10,000 Fine robe embroidered with the legendary Ouroboros' shape. DEF+34 TEC+10 TP+20 A Gem Plume x 1
Angel Robe 80,000 10,000 A Mantle Sewn for Angels DEF+45, AGI+7, TP+22 M Gold Plume x 1
Fairy Mail 81,000 10,000 Weightless metal armor said to have been woven by fairies. DEF+47 AGI+10 TP+16 T Velvet x 1
Ruby Mail 99,000 10,000 Metal armor made from the legendary Crimsonite. DEF+42 STR+8 HP+22 R Ruby Skull x 1
Hex Mantle 75,000 10,000 Mantle whose chain blinds foes, heightening the effect of hexes. DEF+34 TEC+12 LUC+15 H Hex Chain x 1
Moss Coat 125,000 10,000 Expensive mantle made from Yggdrasil. DEF+35 Elemental Resist + LSPDMATRH Shroud x 1
Flame Coat 100,000 10,000 Fire-resistant mantle made from tanning wyrm hide DEF+40 Fire Resist++ LSPDMATRH Flame Skin x 1
Frost Coat 100,000 10,000

Ice-Resistant Mantle made from tanning drake hide

DEF+40 Ice Resist++ LSPDMATRH Frost Skin x 1
Volt Coat 100,000 10,000 Volt-resistant mantle made from tanning dragon hide. DEF+40 Volt Resist++ LSPDMATRH Volt Skin x 1
Jazeraint 8,100 3,240 Layered metal plates on top of a leather jacket. DEF+35 HP+18 TP+10 LSPDTR Red String x 1

Red Thread x 1

White Skin x 7

Wyvernmail 7,200 2,880 Excellent armor made by weaving Wyvern leather with steel. DEF+26 All Resist+ LP Tough Wing x 1

Red Beak x 1

Steel Chip x 5

Azure Coat 7,000 2,800 Clothes enhanced with a special blue dye. DEF+38 AGI+5 SDMATRH Blue Blood x 10

Golden Fur x 5

Composite 6,440 2,576 Armor reinforced with layers of meteorite steel plates. DEF+46 HP+14 AGI-4 LP Space Husk x 5
Blood Coat 5,880 2,352 Mantle made from golden fur drenched in blood. DEF+36 LSPDMATRH Red Blood x 10

Golden Fur x 5

Blood Mail 5,600 2,240 Dyed red chainmail of carefully woven meteorite steel. DEF+42 LSPDTR Space Husk x 2
Rune Tunic 5,040 2,016 Jacket of crimson fur, with holy wards inscribed on it. DEF+36 TP+15 SDMATRH Gum Thread x 5

Red Fur x 2

Lycoris 4,500 1,800 Clothes dyed with a special black compound, enhancing their defense. DEF+28 SDMATRH Red Plume x 4

Ink Stick x 5

Ebon Plate 4,140 1,656 Metal armor made of layered black steel. DEF+36 LP Ink Stick x 5
Demon Coat 3,920 1,568 Thick jacket made from beast leather. DEF+37 LSPDTR Demon Fur x 3
Rune Tweed 3,640 1,456 Clothes dyed red and inscribed with holy wards on the lining. DEF+24 AGI+4 TP+10 MAH Red Blood x 1

Red Fur x 3

Brigandine 3,600 1,440 Metal armor lined with small steel plates. DEF+32 LSPDTR Red Plume x 3

Steel Chip x 3

Dark Tunic 3,240 1,296 Black jacket designed for stealthy movement in the dark. DEF+26 SDMATRH Sand Cloth x 3

Ink Stick x 3

Doublet 3,000 1,200 Rainbow-colored short jacket. DEF+18 TP+10 SDMATRH Bat Wing x 7

Shiny Goo x 1

Plate Mail 2,760 1,104 Armor strengthened with layers of metal plates. DEF+26 LP Fish Scale x 3 Carapace x 7
Surcoat 2,520 1,008 Light red mantle chiefly worn on top of armor. DEF+16 LSPDMATRH Red Hide x 2
Tiger Coat 2,520 1,008 Expensive thick jacket made from white tiger hide. DEF+27 LSPDTR White Skin x 3
Full Armor 2,400 960 Full metal armor with grooves to parry sword attacks. DEF+22 HP+12 LSPDTR Carapace x 3

Red Hide x 1

Fairy Robe 2,340 936 Weightless mantle made from fairy wings. DEF+24 MAH Fairy Wing x 3
Cotardie 2,160 864 Form-fitting mantle woven from beast leather. DEF+16 SDMATRH Bat Wing x 3

Elastic x 7

Hauberk 2,000 800 Lightweight chainmail to allow greater ease of movement. DEF+10 AGI+4 MAH Steel Lump x 12

Thin Shell x 1

Stud Vest 1,680 672 Jacket reinforced with metal studs. DEF+17 LSPDTR Elastic x 3
Fancy Coat 1,560 624 Elegant ornamental clothes. DEF+11 VIT+3 MAH Glass Eye x 1

Gum Throat x 3

Oak Jacket 1,250 500 Jacket made from rare, aromatic forest trees. DEF+8 TP+8 SDMATRH Feather x 3

Scent Wood x 3

Ring Mail 1,150 460 Armor reinforced with metal rings beneath the surface. DEF+16 AGI-2 LP

Iron Shell x 5

Bird Talon x 1

Wing Coat 1,050 420 Lightweight mantle with feather ornaments. DEF+6 LSPDMATRH Feather x 10
Iron Plate 1,000 400 Breastplate carved from a steel shell. DEF+12 HP+9 LSPDTR Stinger x 3

Iron Shell x 3

Leaf Tunic 900 360 A jacket of thick woven leaves. DEF+6 SDMATRH Thick Leaf x 1
Chain Mail 700 280 Armor made from linked steel rings. DEF+7 LSPDTR Stinger x 3

Steel Lump x 5

Petal Coat 650 260 Mantle made from woven plants. DEF+4 AGI+2 MAH Dye Petal x 3

Sticky Web x 1

Briault 420 168 Jacket made from white leather. The sleeves are quite spacious. DEF+5 VIT+1 Ice Resist+ SDMATRH White Hide x 1
Doublet 250 100 Short jacket made by weaving tanned rabbit fur. DEF+3 VIT+1 SDMATRH Hare Tail x 3
Plate 230 92 Breastplate carved from a metallic horn. DEF+5 VIT+2 AGI-1 LP Metal Horn x 1
Buffcoat 210 84 Coat made form rabbit tails, animal hide, and plant vines. DEF+2 AGI+3 LSPDMATRH

Vine x 1

Gum Hide x 1

Hare Tail x 1

Hide Armor 200 80 Reinforced armor made by tanning beast leather. DEF+4 HP+5 LSPDTR Stiff Hide x 5
Hide Vest 180 72 Jacket made with beast leather. DEF+2 SDMATRH Gum Hide x 1
Jerkin 120 48 Upper-body clothing made with beast leather from the forest. DEF+3 LSPDTR Soft Hide x 7
Leaf Coat 110 44 Long coat made from treated flowers and vines. DEF+1 AGI+1 MAH Tiny Petal x 1

Vine x 5

Tweed 100 10 Clothes of woven sheep's wool. DEF+1 LSPDMATRH None


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Pain Aspis 75,000 10,000 Large, hard shield covered in spikes. Used for both offense

and defense.

DEF+60 All Resist-- P 100 Shell

x 5

1000 Shell

x 5

Holy Aspis 64,000 10,000 Legendary shield that can only be carried by the pure of heart. DEF+32 Bind Resist+ LP Old Shell x 1
Halo Aspis 5,200 2,080 Shining white shield said to grant heaven's protection. DEF+20 Instant Death Resist + LP Angel Wing x 8

Space Claw x 5

King Aspis 2,520 1,008 Large oval shield with a golden sheen. DEF+14 VIT+5 LSPDT Space Husk x 7

Gold Shell

x 10

Body Aspis 2,100 840 Large, thick steel shield that hides the entire body. DEF+14 VIT+3 Ice Resist+ LP Red Blade

x 1 Bug Nest x 3


x 9

Moon Aspis 1,980 792 Beautiful circular shield made from tempered silver. DEF+20 VIT+4 LP Silver Eye

x 3

Ebon Aspis 1,620 648 Oval-shaped shield made of layered stones and steel. DEF+10 LSPDT Ink Stick x 3

Hard Shard x 3

Steel Chip

x 3

Gum Aspis 1,080 432 Small round shield with rubbery leather coating its surface. DEF+7 Volt Resist+ LSPDT Bug Nest

x 1

Elastic x 3

Heat Aspis 550 220 Large steel shield that hides the torso from the knees up. DEF+10 Fire Resist+ LP Iron Shell

x 3

Light Wood x 1

Oval Aspis 450 180 Round steel shield. DEF+5 LSPDT Stinger x 9

Steel Lump x 3

Aspis 260 104 Oval-shaped shield made from a hard shell. DEF+2 VIT+1 P Hardwood x 10

Hard Shell x 5

Hide Aspis 190 76 Small shield reinforced with beast leather. DEF+2 LSPDT Soft Hide x 10
Targe 110 44 Small shield that protects the shoulders and joints. DEF+1 LSPDMATRH None


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Angel Helm 54,000 10,000 Helm made by weaving together luxurious butterfly wings. DEF+10 TP+30 M Hell Wing

x 10

Blood Helm 2,100 840 Helm carved from a hard shell and varnished with blood. DEF+8 LSPDTR Red Blood

x 3 Space Husk x 3

Circlet 1,820 728 Beautiful head ornament decorated with gold and crystals. DEF+5 TP+20 MAH Gem Core

x 1

Gold Shell

x 1

Tiger Cap 1,420 568 Tiger-skin cap designed to intimidate enemies. DEF+7 LSPDTR White Skin

x 3

Scale Cap 1,250 500 Tough helm made from layering swordfish scales. DEF+6 TP+12 LSPDMATRH Fish Scale

x 12

Sandy Pin 1,170 468 Hairpin made from the bark of a rare tree in the forest's depths. DEF+4 TP+14 MAH Sand Twig

x 1

Scale Helm 900 360 Helm made with hard swordfish scales. DEF+4 LSPDTR Fish Scale

x 1

Gum Helm 780 312 Helm made from elastic, rubbery leather. DEF+3 TP+9 MAH Elastic x 1
Chain Helm 380 152 Helm made of woven steel threads. DEF+3 LSPDTR Stinger x 1

Steel Lump x 3

Plumed Hat 325 130 Broad-brimmed hat decorated with a large feather. DEF+2 TP+7 MAH Feather x 5
Hide Hat 160 64 Hat made of layered leather strips. DEF+1 TP+5 LSPDTR Gum Hide

x 1 Soft Hide x 3

Hairpin 70 28 Hairpin carved from a piece of wood. DEF+1 LSPDMATRH None


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Brave Gage 63,000 10,000 High-quality gloves made from demon scales. DEF+11 STR+12 L Evil Scale

x 1

Ebon Glove 55,000 10,000 Black gloves that help their wearer blend in with the shadows. DEF+9 AGI+11 D Black Root x 3
Athanor 46,000 10,000 Gauntlet that heightens spell power by eliminating the margin of error. DEF+7 TEC+10 A Hex Marrow x 1
Ruby Gage 65,000 10,000 Red gauntlets made from legendary Crimsonite. DEF+10 AGI+9 TEC+7 R Ruby Bone x 1
Toxic Gage 20,000 8,000 Gauntlets made from the tanned hide of a demon's hand. DEF+2 Ailment Resist ++ LSPDTR Toxic Hand x 1
Blood Gage 1,540 616 Gauntlets of tempered meteorite steel. DEF+8 STR+3 LSPDTR Space Husk x 2

Red Blood x 1 Space Claw x 5

Rune Glove 1,260 504 Crystal-studded gloves with holy wards inscribed on the,. DEF+5 TEC+5 MAH Red Fur x 2

Gem Core x 1

Tiger Hand 990 396 Tiger-skin gloves that provide excellent defense. DEF+6 LSPDTR Dried Vine x 1

White Skin x 3

Sand Glove 810 324 Gloves made by weaving cloth found deep in the forest. DEF+4 TEC+3 MAH Sand Cloth x 7
Bear Glove 800 320 Thick gloves made from bear fur. DEF+3 STR+2 TEC+1 LSPDMATRH Bear Fur x 1
Fang Glove 660 264 Rustic gloves with crimson fangs projecting from the kunckles. DEF+4 STR+2 LSPDTR Fish Scale x 3

Blood Fang x 3

Gum Glove 540 216 Gloves made form tanned, rubbery leather and fish fins. DEF+3 TEC+2 MAH Fish Fin x 1

Elastic x 7

Iron Glove 275 110 Gloves of woven steel laid over tiger skin. DEF+3 LSPDTR Tiger Fur x 2

Steel Lump x 3

Down Glove 225 90 Elegant gloves decorated with large feathers. DEF+2 MAH Bird Talon x 3

Feather x 7

Hide Glove 150 60 Thick gloves made from layered beast leather. DEF+1 STR+1 LSPDTR Gum Hide x 3

Soft Leather x 7

Knit Glove 70 28 Gloves for novice adventurers unaccustomed to using weapons. DEF+1 LSPDMATRH None


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Speed Boot 49,000 10,000 Shoes that increase the wearer's running speed. DEF+12 AGI+20 LUC+15 S Evil Crest

x 1

Dyed Boot 2,156 862 Durable leg armor dyed a deep red. DEF+8 AGI+15 LSPDTR Red Blood

x 4 Gold Shell

x 1

Red Fur x 1

Fur Boot 1,960 784 Sandals decorated with golden fur that seems to shine. DEF+7 AGI+14 MAH Gold Fur

x 2 Gum Thread x 4

Flame Boot 1,800 720 Noble leg armor decorated with legendary fire tails. DEF+6 AGI+11 SDMATRH Fire Tail x 3

Steel Chip

x 7

Tiger Boot 1,386 554 Leg armor covered with thick tiger skin. DEF+6 AGI+9 LSPDTR White Skin x 7
Fairy Boot 1,260 504 Mysterious boots that make the wearer feel light as a fairy. DEF+4 AGI+7 MAH Fairy Wing x 5

Sand Cloth x 3

Scale Boot 924 369 Leg armor made of scales from the fish in the forest. DEF+4 AGI+6 LSPDTR Fish Scale

x 7 Fish Fin x 1

Moccasins 840 336 Slip-on red shoes with no heels. DEF+3 AGI+5 MAH Red Hide

x 3

Chain Boot 385 154 Leg armor made of steel rings. DEF+3 AGI+4 LSPDTR Tiger Fur

x 5 Steel Lump x 3

Plume Boot 350 140 Durable boots decorated with feathers, meant for exploring the forest. DEF+2 AGI+3 MAH Feather

x 12

Hide Boot 140 56 Durable boots of layered leather. DEF+1 AGI+2 LSPDTR Gum Hide

x 5

Soft Hide

x 9

Leaf Boot 80 32 Sandals made from forest leaves. DEF+1 AGI+1 LSPDMATRH None
  • The value of an item on these tables is generally 5:2, 5 being the original price, and 2 being the sell value. This may change slightly with exceptions.