The following is a list of all armor available from Sitoth Trading. Most of them require you to unlock it first by selling an appropriate amount of the right treasure.


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Holy Band B Albino Fur x1

Whole Horn x10

Ruby Mail 278,000 111,200 Metallic armor made of legendary ruby. DEF+75 STR+8 HP+22 R 1 x Red Spine
Holy Armor 272,000 108,800 Spectral armor only worn by the pure of heart. DEF+85 HP+25 Physical Resist+ P 1 x Guard Skin
Demon Mail L Giant Skin x1
Curse Mail 257,000 102,800 Holy robe whose curse has become its power. DEF+79 LUC+13 TP+18 W 1 x Curse Garb
Dragoonery G Fire Fang x1
Hymn Cloth T Tough Fang x1
Mobius Alb A Amp Barbel x1
Angel Robe 244,000 97,600 Clothing designed and created for angels. DEF+78 AGI+7 TP+22 M 1 x Evil Rock
Sylpheed 241,000 96,400 Spiritual clothes that lighten the body. DEF+79 AGI+11 HP+15 S 1 x Cut Quill
Bindings 239,000 95,600 Leather armor that protects vital points. DEF+81 AGI+18 TEC+10 D 1 x Snow Bone
Hex Mantle 233,000 93,200 Chained outerwear that strengthens curses. DEF+74 TEC+12 LUC+15 H Golem Rock x1
Czar Cloth 98,000 39,200 Emperor's clothes imbued with heavenly fortune. DEF+69 Elemental Resist+ LSPDMATRHGW Lord Wrath x1
Full Plate 48,700 19,480 Heavy armor that can repel an army. DEF+75 LSPDTRW 1,000 Shell x15
Moon Coat 43,200 17,280 Garb that waxes in power with the moon. DEF+72 MAHG Ebon Skin x10
Wild Beads 19,800 7,920 Imbued with a powerful beast's soul. DEF+117 B 1 x Jet Shard
Brigandine 19,300 7,720 Heavy armor made from sturdy animal bones. DEF+64 VIT+2 HP+10 LSPDTRW Sternum x1
Fairy Robe 18,800 7,520 Illusionary garb blessed by the fairies. DEF+62 TEC+2 TP+10 MAHG Head Gem x1

Pure Bone x3

Composite 18,400 7,360 Armor crafted from layered metal boards. DEF+63 LP True Shard x1
Ghost Vest 17,200 6,880 Armor that cloaks the wearer in illusions. DEF+61 LSPDTRW Gold Shell x3
Rune Tunic 15,900 6,360 Clothing with anti-demon symbols etched in it. DEF+59 MAHG Comet Chip x3
Expel Coat 15,100 6,040 An overcoat with the power to dampen attacks. DEF+57 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Coal Bone
Jazeraint 13,200 5,280 Armor made from a scaly carapace. DEF+56 LSPDTRW 1 x Bat Fang
Rune Tweed 12,900 5,160 Clothes that warn of impending misfortune. DEF+54 MAHG 1 x Black Hoof
Lush Beads 9,560 3,824 An ornate necklace that cannot be duplicated. DEF+96 VIT+3 HP+30 B 7 x Plum Quill
Gold Beads 8,990 3,596 A golden necklace with mysterious powers. DEF+99 B 3 x Gold Crest
Czar Plate 8,920 3,568 Breastplate used by an ancient emperor. DEF+53 HP+20 LSPDTRW 2 x Dark Spur
Fine Robe 8,750 3,500 Clothes made from the finest materials. DEF+50 Ice Resist+ MAHG 1 x Lilac Vine
Wing Tunic 7,590 3,036 Clothes sewn from glistening feathers. DEF+51 LP 3 x Gold Quill
Plate Mail 6,760 2,704 High-defense armor made from multiple alloys. DEF+49 VIT+1 LSPDTRW 2 x Dew Beak
Wing Dress 6,530 2,612 Extravagant clothing decorated with wings. DEF+49 MAHG 3 x Pale Quill
Color Vest 6,450 2,580 Enhanced clothes dipped in melted shells. DEF+47 LSPDMATRHGW 2 x Color Hull
Plum Mail 5,510 2,204 Violet armor connected with thick threads. DEF+46 LSPDTRW 1 x Toxic Barb
Gold Shirt 5,460 2,184 Upper-body armor coated with gold. DEF+44 MAHG 1 x Gold Crest
Pure Beads 4,750 1,900 White choker that guards the pure of heart. DEF+79 B 1 x White Hide
Hauberk 4,600 1,840 Light chain garment made for quick movements. DEF+43 VIT+2 LSPDTRW 1 x Carapace, 1 x White Hide
Hard Mail 4,460 1,784 Light chains draped over hardened fur clothing. DEF+40 TP+10 MAHG Bison Hide x5

Bug Nest x5

Pure Plate 4,150 1,660 Breastplate that shields against the blazing heat. DEF+42 Fire Resist+ LP 1 x Snow Quill
Snow Coat 3,810 1,524 Thick, well-tailored clothes of wolf fur. DEF+40 LSPDTRW 3 x White Hide
Cotardie 3,630 1,452 Form-fitting outerwear woven with beast scales. DEF+38 MAHG 2 x Red Fin
Chain Mail 3,460 1,384 Armor composed of linked metal rings. DEF+37 LSPDMATRHGW 2 x Space Husk
Ring Mail 2,780 1,112 Armor composed of metal rings. DEF+36 LSPDTRW 1 x Bug Nest
Red Tunic 2,690 1,076 Rigid fur sewn together and used as armor. DEF+34 MAHG 1 x Red Mane
Horn Plate 1,670 668 Has a horn to allow electricity to escape. DEF+33 VIT+2 Volt Resist+ LSPDTRW 1 x Steel Horn, 1 x Ruby Scale
Fire Beads 1,580 632 Neckpiece that burns in the presence of foes. DEF+62 STR+2 B 5 x Red Root
Flame Leaf 1,550 620 Pyrexic clothes that guard against the cold. DEF+30 TP+10 Ice Resist+ MAHG 3 x Green Tail
Hard Plate 1,460 584 Breastplate crafted from a hardened owl's tail. DEF+32 LP 2 x Glow Quill
Muffler 1,460 584 Neckwear made from a monster's collar. DEF+59 HP+20 B 1 x Collar Fur
Wing Plate 1,140 456 A feather breastplate that wards off attacks. DEF+31 LSPDTRW 2 x Pure Quill
Fancy Coat 1,030 412 Elaborate, highly decorated clothes. DEF+28 MAHG 1 x Armor Hull, 3 x Bendy Tool
Plate 790 316 Resilient fur to protect the body's frame. DEF+27 VIT+2 AGI-1 LSPDMATRHGW 2x Beast Hide
Stud Coat 720 288 Metal pieces are wedged in it to deflect blows. DEF+26 LSPDTRW 1 x Rock Shard, 1 x Open Cap
Petal Coat 640 256 Outerwear made of forest plants sewn together. DEF+24 MAHG 2 x Collar fur
Hide Armor 500 200 Armor of boiled, hardened fur. DEF+23 LSPDTRW Deer Hide x1

Glue Quill x3

Wildflower 450 180 Defensive necklace made from a giant petal. DEF+38 B 1 x Huge Petal
Sherwani 420 168 Clothes of hardened fur, with a short waist area. DEF+20 VIT+1 MAHG 1x Glue Hide, 2x Huge Petal
Hide Plate 310 124 Armor made from layered beast fur. DEF+22 LP Feather x2

Gum Hide x3

Pure Vest 230 92 Clothes with hard plates woven inside. DEF+17 LSPDTRW Metal Hull x1

Bug Shell x5

Wing Leaf 200 80 Light clothes with feathered accessories. DEF+13 HP+5 MAHG Gum Hide x1

Bug Wing x4

Hard Vest 180 72 High-defense clothes made from woven fur. DEF+11 LSPDMATRHGW Bug Wing x1

Soft fur x3

Jerkin 120 48 Body covering made from the fur of forest beasts. DEF+10 LSPDTRW Soft Fur x2
Green Leaf 110 44 Clothing covered in hard shells. DEF+9 AGI+1 MAHG Rat Needle x2

Husk Shard x1

Tweed 80 10 Clothing made from sheep's fur. DEF+7 LSPDMATRHGW Already Unlocked


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes


Pain Aspis P Jade Thew x25

Blood Hide x5

Sharp Nail x5

Blue Aspis 53,200 21,280 Legendary shield that adapts to the situation. DEF+39 P Blue Skull x15
Holy Aspis 9,480 3,792 Holy shield only usable by those without fear. DEF+33 P Black Husk x1
Safeguard 8,710 3,484 Its size and weight repel most attacks. DEF+28 Ice/Volt Resist+ LP 1 x Hazard Bud
King Aspis 7,460 2,984 Said to have been worn by an ancient conqueror DEF+30 LSPDTW 2 x Lemon Core
Body Aspis 4,440 1,776 A large shield that covers the whole body. DEF+26 LP 2 x Gold Quill
Pelta 3,620 1,448 Crescent shield made for Labyrinth exploration. DEF+24 LSPDMATHGW 1 x Toxic Barb
Heat Aspis 2,600 1,040 Cowhide shield that protects the upper body. DEF+22 LP 1 x Bison Hide
Aspis 2,060 824 Hard, elliptical shield made from shells. DEF+20 LSPDTW 1 x Space Husk
Pale Round 1,120 448 Round shield reinforced with hardened materials. DEF+18 LP 1 x Blood Hide, 1 x Brute Bone
Oval Aspis 945 378 Round shield for front line warriors. DEF+16 LP 1 x Pure Quill
Hard Aspis 450 180 Shield reinforced with hardened leather. DEF+14 LSPDMATHGW 1 x Beast Hide
Hide Aspis 325 130 Small shield reinforced with beast hide. DEF+12 LP Huge Petal x3

Gum Hide x2

Targe 150 60 Shield that protects the user's shoulder joints DEF+9 LSPDTW

Hard Root, ???

Buckler 70 28 A small shield, designed to deflect attacks. DEF+5 LSPDMATRHGW Already Unlocked


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Headpiece 49,800 19,920 Powerful helm plated with melted rubies. DEF+37 VIT+5 LUC+5 R 1x Blue Skull, 10x Ruby Bone
Great Helm 25,600 10,240 Ultimate battle helm with heightened defense. DEF+36 TP+10 LSPDTRW Jet Fur x10
Angel Helm 24,800 9,920 Medical hat sewn from all sorts of beast furs. DEF+34 TEC+2 TP+20 MAHG Albino Fur x10
Spangen 8,860 3,544 A form-fitting helm for efficient defense. DEF+30 TP+3 LSPDTRW Black Core x1

Gold Shell x1

Circlet 6,880 2,752 A royal crown etched with anti-demon wards. DEF+27 TP+5 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Metal Chip
Round Helm 3,950 1,580 Simple helm designed purely for high defense. DEF+24 TEC+1 TP+10 LSPDTRW 1 x Gold Quill
Morion 3,170 1,268 A helm reinforced on the inside and outside. DEF+22 TP+8 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Plum Quill
Bone Helm 2,860 1,144 Helm of resilient dragon bone. DEF+21 TEC+2 TP+10 LSPDTRW 5 x Snow Quill
Sallet 2,350 940 Helm that defends the entire head. DEF+20 TP+8 LSPDTRW 1 x Shell Chip
Pumpkinhat 1,820 728 Pumpkin-shaped headpiece of abnormal hardiness. DEF+15 TEC+2 TP+10 MAHG 1 x Gourd Head
White Helm 1,780 712 Snow-white helm with high defense. DEF+18 TP+5 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x White Gem
Jelly Helm 780 312 A sturdy, flexible gelatinous helm. DEF+14 TP+3 LSPDTRW 4 x Pure Quill, 1 x Red Core
Headdress 380 152 Headpiece made of boiled and linked plant leaves. DEF+12 TP+3 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Bendy Tool
Rough Hat 120 48 A hat of layered beast fur for high defense. DEF+8 TP+8 LSPDTRW Glue Quill x1

Gum Hide x2

Steel Pin 90 36 Hair clip made from a forest bug's claws. DEF+5 TP+5 LSPDMATRHGW Husk Shard x3

Small Nail x1

Hairpin 50 20 Hair clip made of shaved wood splinters. DEF+3 TP+3 LSPDMATRHGW Already Unlocked


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Ruby Gage 49,600 19,840 So light, you may forget you're wearing it. DEF+36 AGI+9 TEC+7 R Ebon Skin x1

Ruby Bone x5

King's Arm Cactus Cap x1

Venom Twig x25

Gore Glove 25,600 10,240 A bloody armguard that brings misfortune. DEF+33 VIT+5 LSPDMATRHGW Blood Soul x10
Brave Gage 8,920 3,568 Made for warriors who never flee from battle. DEF+30 VIT+1 LSPDTRW Comet Chip x1
Evil Arm 6,910 2,764 Demonic energy grants power, even unarmed. DEF+27 STR+1 LSPDMATRHGW 3 x Pale Hull
Gauntlet 3,930 1,572 A form-fitting armguard that regulates power. DEF+24 STR+1 LSPDTRW 1 x Pale Quill, 1 x Dark Spur
Rune Gage 3,490 1,396 Glove etched with runes that repel monsters. DEF+20 TEC+2 TP+10 MAHG 1 x Red Jaw, 1 x Celestine
Wind Arm 3,210 1,284 An armguard protected by the ambient wind. DEF+22 VIT+1 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Razor Edge
Gountlet 2,290 916 Armguard made of strong rocks to lessen damage. DEF+17 VIT+1 LSPDTRW 3 x Pale Arm
Bone Glove 1,810 724 Powdered bone fragments have been sewn inside. DEF+15 STR+1 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x White Chip
Stain Gage 750 300 Easy-to-use gloves made of speckled materials. DEF+13 STR+1 LSPDTRW 1 x Ruby Shard
Quill Arm 400 160 Gloves with giant bird feathers sewn in. DEF+11 VIT+1 LSPDMATRHGW 2 x Tail Quill
Iron Glove 380 152 A glove of beast hide, woven with metal shards. DEF+10 VIT+1 LSPDTRW Gum Hide x5

Amazonite x1

Nail Glove 150 60 Sturdy glove woven with small metal fragments. DEF+6 STR+1 LSPDTRW Red Shard x1

Cactus Log x2

Hide Gage 80 32 Easy-to-use gloves that prevent slipping. DEF+4 VIT+1 LSPDMATRHGW Soft Fur x1
Thick Gage 40 16 Gloves worn by starting adventurers. DEF+2 STR+1 LSPDMATRHGW Already Unlocked


Name Price Value Description Effect Classes Unlock
Speed Boot S Croc Skin x1

Cactus Cap x10

War Boot Venom Twig x10
Leggings 8,820 3,528 Durable leg armor colored a deep crimson. DEF+30 AGI+5 LSPDTRW Pure Bone x1
Fur Boot 6,790 2,716 Their warm light shows a way through darkness. DEF+27 AGI+3 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Pale Hull
Fairy Boot 4,420 1,768 Strange boots that make the wearer fairy-light. DEF+24 AGI+5 MAHG 1 x Small Bone
Quill Boot 3,860 1,544 Feathered boots with magical powers. DEF+23 AGI+3 LSPDTRW 1 x Pale Quill
Plum Shoes 3,130 1,252 Leg guards with venomous needles attached. DEF+21 AGI+2 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Bee Needle
Scale Boot 2,120 848 Durable boots made from layered fish scales. DEF+18 AGI+2 LSPDTRW 1 x Red Fin
Hide Boot 1,710 684 Boots of layered, sewn-together fish hide. DEF+16 AGI+1 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Blue Fin
Greaves 860 344 Hefty legwear designed for concealment. DEF+14 AGI+2 LSPDTRW 1 x Glow Quill
Shell Boot 420 168 Sturdy, lightweight long boots. DEF+12 AGI+1 LSPDMATRHGW 1 x Armor Hull
Plume Boot 350 140 Feather-covered boots that increase defense. DEF+11 AGI+2 LSPDTRW 1 x Fibre Hide
Color Boot 140 56 Brightly colored sandals that reduce strain. DEF+8 AGI+3 MAHG Bug Shell x1
Green Boot 120 48 Boots worn when setting out to explore. DEF+6 AGI+2 LSPDMATRHGW Cactus Log x1

Small Nail x1

Leaf Boot 40 16 Basic sandals made from forest leaves. DEF+2 AGI+1 LSPDMATRHGW Already Unlocked