There are only a few weapons available to buy from Edie in the beginning of the game, but the system to unlock new items are similar to previous games; by selling the proper amount of loots taken from downed enemies.

Armor and other defensive articles of clothing cannot be forged. Though some do come with natural resistances, they are unchangeable.

Heavy ArmourEdit

Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Knight Armor 268,900 Armor for a true knight who never gives up, despite any disadvantage. DEF+133: 1 HP, 1 VIT H 1x Blue Bone
Royal Byrnie 259,000 A royal armor with a golden gleam that makes enemies cower in fear. DEF+130: 2 HP, 2 TP P 1x Ominous Scale
Carbide Armor 254,800 A special armor providing high defense on any battleground. DEF+129: 1 Slash RES up, 1 Strike RES up, 1 Pierce RES Up Y 1x Machine Piece
Tilled Armor 31,200 Strong, heavy armor that can even withstand artillery fire. DEF+106 PHY 3x Shielded Wing
Freiturnier 16,900 Sturdy, heavy armor that can even withstand huge monster assaults. DEF+98 PHY 3x Akaganeite, 3x Needle Tail
Brigandine 13,400 Armor made lighter by tempering extremely strong metals. DEF+89 PHY 1x Dolomite, 3x Beast Skin
Field Armor 9,100 Impenetrable, heavy cavalry armor that scoffs at superficial attacks. DEF+81 PHY 1x Dull Chest Fin
Heavy Armor 9,100 Thick plated, heavy armor that protects the bearer. DEF+76: 1 Slash RES up, 1 Strike RES up, 1 Pierce RES Up PHY
Plate Coat 7,300 Body armor using strong metals to protect its wearer's vital areas. DEF+72 PHY 2x Broken Rock, 4x Castiron Hilt
Adama Armor 7,080 Hard armor made from stone soldier pieces that guard against death. DEF+68: 3 DEATH PHY 1x Sea King Ice, 1x Fiery Stone
Tourney Mail 4,910 Heavy armor that can withstand heavy strikes with its plating. DEF+63 PHY 3x Mole Claw, 5x Clastic Rock
Alla Romana 3,550 A royal knight's armor decorated with flamboyant accoutrements. DEF+55 PHY 2x Fiery Stone
Parade Armor 2,010 Armor that is worn by soldiers when attending ceremonies. DEF+45 PHY 6x Muscled Arm
Laced Mail 1,250 An armor with a metal plate over the leather to protect the wearer. DEF+35 PHY 1x Century Shell
Lorica Squamata 550 An armor strengthened with small copper plates on the lining. DEF+28 PHY 5x Purple Scale, 10x Topaz
Spiked Leather 440 An armor strengthened with countless rivets driven into it. DEF+21 PHY 1x Steel Shell

Light ArmourEdit

Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Calico Sailor 243,000 Clothes said to be last worn by the great pirate who pillaged cities. DEF+122: 1 AGI, 1 LUCK, 1 CRIT B 1x Tough Membrane
Vajrayana Robe 241,000 Holy clothes only allowed to be worn by those who know the truth. DEF+120: 1 STR, 1 TEC, 1 HP M 1x Princess's Fur, 1x Demon's Fur
Kokopelli Vest 237,000 Farmer's clothes said to have been blessed by a fertility deity. DEF+119: 2 LUCK, 1 LIM F 1x Elastic Body, 1x Starry Shell
Berserk Leather 231,800 Leather armor that maintains its form in the most severe battles. DEF+116: 2 STR, 1 HP G Raging Scale x1, 1x Longhorn Hull
Interceptor 229,000 Protective clothes made of crystal technology for use in gun battles. DEF+115: 1 STR, 1 HP, 1 TP A 1x King's Velvet
Dampener Armor 53,800 Armor that can disperse the impact of an attempted penetration. DEF+109: 3 Pierce RES Up PGHBMAFY 1x Sapping Root
Judgement Plate 39,800 A breastplate said to grant the authority to exact holy judgements. DEF+106 PGHBMAFY 3x Wrenching Jaw, 3x Zircon
Carabinier 29,800 Next-generation armor that is both lighter and sturdier. DEF+100 PGHBMAFY ???
Cloth Armor 26,800 Armor that negates all impacts from strikes or clashes. DEF+95: 3 Bash RES Up PGHBMAFY 1x Cursed Wool
General Leather 15,500 Leather armor said to have been worn by frontline generals. DEF+89 PGHBMAFY 4x Dark Fur
Fluted Armor 12,450 Functional armor with notched grooves in it for parrying. DEF+85 PGHBMAFY ???
Padded Armor 9,820 Armor made by combining chain mail and plating to negate impact. DEF+80: 1 Bash RES Up PGHBMAFY 1x Beast Skin
Slashed Mail 9,690 The wearer is hard to wound in this slash-resistant armor. DEF+78: 3 Slash RES Up PGHBMAFY 1x Toxic Leather, 1x Dryad Liquid
Fusskampf 8,100 Armor with metal plating fitted onto the joints to reduce weakness. DEF+73 PGHBMAFY 1x Cursed Talon
Lorica Hamata 6,960 Chain armor made light and easy to use. DEF+68 PGHBMAFY 3x Castors Eye
Hide Armor 5,860 Armor shaped like a fierce beast that intimidates enemies. DEF+64 PGHBMAFY 3x Swordfish Skin
Cuirassair 4,410 Armor that casts aside defensive joints in favor of mobility. DEF+57 PGHBMAFY 4x Small Scale, 1x Soft Skin
Pikeman Armor 3,760 Armor commonly used by spear soldiers that is impact resistant. DEF+51 PGHBMAFY 2x Flat Break
Aketon 2,940 Armor made thin for the purpose of increased mobility. DEF+46 PGHBMAFY 1x Umbrella Lump
Double Mail 1,750 Light armour made by connecting metallic rings together. DEF+40 PGHBMAFY 3x Magnetite, 3x Century Shell
Three Quarters 1,280 Armor made lighter by narrowing areas of the thick plating. DEF+35 PGHBMAFY 2x Tough Tentacle
Half Armor 960 Sturdy armor made for infantry. DEF+29 PGHBMAFY 1x Sea Beast Fur
Guard Vest 480 Clothes that are hardened by boiled monster fluids. DEF+24 PGHBMAFY 6x Tough Feeler, 4x Green Feather
Hobblegeon 390 Armor made lighter by cutting off a portion from the bottom. DEF+20 PGHBMAFY 2x Elastic Tongue
Feather Armor 250 Simple armor made by sewing monster feathers together. DEF+16 PGHBMAFY 1x Green Feather


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Dark Attire 213,000 Attire worn by assassins who sent countless souls into the deep. DEF+97 (1 AGI, 1 LUC, 1 SPD) N 1x Crimson Tail
Beast's Chain 210,000 A chain with the power to prostrate the most vicious beasts. DEF+96: 1 STR, 1 LUC, 1 LIMIT Forges W 1x Evil Thorn, 1x Infernal Scale
Orion Epaulets 209,800 Epaulettes of an astrologer that receive power from bright stars. DEF+95 (2 TEC, +TP) Z 1x Magic Circuit
Chajin Jinbaori 206,000 Outerwear manifesting the bravery of a foreign land's warlord. DEF+94 (1 STR, 1 AGI, +HP) S 1x Ice Skin
Abode 34,900 A gorgeous robe with evil-repelling spells sewn into the gold fabric. DEF+84 GBNMZWAFSY 3x Longhorn Hull
Crescent Robe 30,200 Mysterious clothes that glow with protection when the moon shines. DEF+80 GBNMZWAFSY 1x Blue Tentacle, 1x Cursed Bone
High Jacquard 27,480 Clothes made by an artisan with evil-expelling patterns sewn in. DEF+77 GBNMZWAFSY 3x Thorny Bone
Element Cloak 18,180 A robe that absorbs the elements and can change its affinity. DEF+74 (1 Fire RES, 1 Ice RES, 1 Volt RES) GBNMZWAFSY 1x Ghostly Fur
Great Coat 13,500 A powerful overcoat worn by royalty to protect themselves with. DEF+71 PGBNMZWAFSY 2x Dark Fur
Aurora Veil 12,900 An overcoat made with cloth given divine protection. DEF+69 (1 Bash RES, 1 Slash RES, 1 Pierce RES) GBNMZWAFSY 1x King's Fur, ???
Linen Cuirass 10,920 Cloth armor with a special enchantment that repels attacks. DEF+67 GBNMZWAFSY 3x Writhing Wood
Bikini Armor 9,980 Armor that doesn't look like armor at first glance, but does its job. DEF+45 (2 Fire RES, 2 Ice RES, 2 Volt RES) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Queen's Bulla
Spirit Cape 8,540 Clothes with the strength to balance one's mind and body. DEF+62 (+HP, +TP) GBNMZWAFSY 1x Dawn Thorn
Witch Drawers 7,200 A robe enchanted with a spell to prevent harm to its wearer. DEF+58 GBNMZWAFSY 4x Witch's Robe, 5x Serpentinite
Siren Tunic 6,660 Clothes strengthened by carving ancient letter seals into them. DEF+53 (2 HEAD) GBNMZWAFSY 1x Witch's Robe
Gilet 4,930 Clothes with hard strings covering the front that raise defense. DEF+48 GBNMZWAFSY 1x Staunch Feeler
Casters Coat 3,540 An overcoat enchanted with the caster's knowledge of barriers. DEF+44 (+1 TEC, +TP) GBNMZWAFSY 1x Red Iron Scale, 3x Pyrargyrite
Mantle 2,980 Clothes that hide the entire body, strong against both hot and cold. DEF+39: 2 ICE GBNMZWAFSY 1x Dino Calcaneus
Red Doublet 2,310 Red clothes woven from fibers with excellent flame tolerance. DEF+34: 2 FIRE GBNMZWAFSY 1x Burning Fur
Mist Robe 1,450 An overcoat worn by assassins that hide in the mist before killing. DEF+31 GBNMZWAFSY 3x Thick Throat
Sack Dress 1,050 Clothes strengthened by the type of string woven into it. DEF+27 GBNMZWAFSY 2x Pungent Coral
Kazak 780 A robe commonly worn by hunters that completely cover the body. DEF+24 GBNMZWAFSY 1x Shell Piece
Leaf Blazer 330 Adventurer's clothes dyed with the leaves from inside the Labyrinth. DEF+18 GBNMZWAFSY 1x Starry Chase, 5x Topaz
Chemise 240 Clothes that cover the chest to the waist for maximum protection. DEF+15 GBNMZWAFSY 1x Poison Hypha
Scale Jerkin 170 Clothes made by lining scales on the surface of the material. DEF+9 GBNMZWAFSY 1x Red Scale
Summer Tweed 70 Clothes that breathe well, fit for outdoor activities. DEF+7 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) Available From Start


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Ocean Shield 40,100 A mysterious shield that moves on it's own to protect its bearer. DEF+68 (3 LUC) PH 8x Wrenching Jaw
Hildebrand 34,100 A shield that only knights who vowed to serve their master hold. DEF+65 PH 6x Infernal Scale
Singauta 29,800 A shield with claws attached for both offense and defense. DEF+62 (1 STR) PH 1x Star Sapphire
Steel Shield 28,600 A shield made almost entirely out of metal that negates many attacks. DEF+60 PH 1x Evil Staff
Hoplon 15,600 A shield belonging to knights whose pride and joy is to protect others. DEF+58 (1 VIT) PH 5x Biting Vine
Adargas 12,680 A shield with blades protruding from its surface for an extra edge. DEF+55 (1 STR) PH 1x Nephrite
Pavis 10,500 An impenetrable shield that employs a spike in the ground. DEF+53 PH 1x Strong Fang
Silver Shield 9,250 A light shield that won't shatter even if hit by artillery fire. DEF+51 PH 2x White Fox Fur
Rainbow Shield 7,980 A large shield that glimmers like a rainbow under the moonlight. DEF+48 PH 3x Ebony Shard, 3x Memimorphite
Kite Shield 5,560 A shield that has been vertically elongated for nearly full coverage. DEF+41 PH 3x Silver Snakeskin
Somatemus 5,310 A circular shield that can be used for both mitigating and parrying. DEF+40 PH 1x Gray Shield, 1x Pungent Coral
Scutum 4,420 A shield that makes use of ground friction to guard its bearer. DEF+37 PH 1x Corundum, 9x Dino Calcaneus
Lanterna Shield 3,600 Shield equipped with an accessory to turn battles in your favor. DEF+34 PH 2x Small Scale
Bone Shield 2,780 A shield constructed from homogenized dinosaur bones. DEF+30 PGHW 1x Stegosaur Fin
Sword Shield 1,780 A shield with blades at both ends used for both offense and defence. DEF+27: 1 STR PH 3x Sharp Knob
Coral Shield 1,020 A sturdy shield made from the coral of the Labyrinth. DEF+23: 1 VIT PGHW 1x Jet, 4x Coral Arm
Caetra 430 A shield that can withstand impacts despite its small size DEF+17 PH 1x Chalcophylite, 4x Elastic Tongue
Round Shield 270 A circular shield made for soldiers on the frontlines. DEF+12: 1 TP PGHW 3x Small Shell
Buckler 100 A small shield used to parry attacks. DEF+8 PGHW Available From Start


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Cathbharr 30,100 A battle helm that glimmers like the sun and alleviates impacts. DEF+61 (1 Bash RES) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 5x Cursed Femur
Tricorn 23,500 A hat that absorbs power with its three horns. DEF+56 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 4x Rending Jaw
Fear Helm 18,800 A cursed helm that plants fear in the living enemies of the wearer. DEF+54 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Deathly Stone
Cross-cross 12,400 Armor that repels attacks with a triangular force field on the head. DEF+52 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Rabbit Ear
Armet 10,100 A highly efficient helm that fits closely to the head. DEF+48 (2 PAR) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Violet Tail, 3x Dolomite
Wizard Cap 7,770 Armor made from a special cloth that blocks heat and cold. DEF+45 (1 Fire RES, 1 Ice RES) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Rabbit Tail
Barrel Helm 6,500 A cylindrical helm that covers the entire head from all directions. DEF+42 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 2x Castors Eye, ???Charmed String
Crown Hat 4,420 An ancient hat worn only by those of high status. DEF+37 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 2x Dryad Liquid
Caresche 3,490 A hat made with material that is well-suited for the head. DEF+32 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 2x Umbrella Lump, 4x Black Fragment
Bascinet 2,810 A helm with emphasis placed on parrying more than deterrence. DEF+30 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Clastic Rock
White Brim 2,530 A pure white head armor only worn by those who swear loyalty. DEF+28 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) ???
Barrette 2,040 A hair ornament that brings calm to its wearer's mind. DEF+27: 2 CONFUSE PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x Red Iron Chip
Nightcap 1,330 A big black cap with elaborate embroidery on it. DEF+23: 1 VIT PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 5x Blue Arm
Viking Helm 1,060 A helm with rivets driven into the steel surface to lessen impact. DEF+20: 1 STR PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x King Core
Star Bandana 790 A bandana made by weaving a weak barrier into it. DEF+17: 1 TP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x Blue Core
Barbute 750 A helm adjusted many times for ease of use and defensive performance. DEF+15 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Deer Skin
Kettle Hat 310 A hat-shaped, heavy helm made from ore. DEF+13 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Phonolite
Hairband 220 A hairband with thorns wrapped around it for defense. DEF+8 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 6x Green Thorn
Straw Hat 50 A straw hat that doesn't let heat get trapped inside it. DEF+5 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) Available From Start


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Dark Gauntlets 25,800 Cursed gauntlets that drag the wearer's heart into darkness. DEF+38 (+TP, 1 TEC) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x Cursed Bone
Superior Gloves 19,800 Golden gloves that truly shine even in the depths of darkness. DEF+35 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Perlite
Boldrons 17,600 Arm guards that cover the upper arm and protect vital areas. DEF+34 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Eastern Nest
Bracers 9,900 Armor that lightens the burden on the wearer's arms in battle. DEF+33 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Needle Tail
Exorcism Gloves 6,290 Gloves engraved with symbols of power that expel demons. DEF+30 (2 CRS) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Hazard Bulb
Bright Gauntlets 5,140 Glimmering gauntlets that alleviate impact to the wearer. DEF+27 (1 Crush RES) PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 2x Shining Feather
Brave Bracers 3,580 Beautifully adorned arm guards that are awarded to brave warriors. DEF+24 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Red Jasper, 1x Gold Caruncle
Strength Bracers 3,330 Gauntlets for soldiers that do not give up in dire situations. DEF+23: 1 STR PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) ???
Gauntlets 2,760 Gauntlets that fit the wearer's hands perfectly for a good grip. DEF+21: 1 STR PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Soft Skin
Hard Gloves 1,780 Sturdy gloves that aren't scratched even by sword attacks. DEF+18 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 2x Muddle Hypha
Beast Gauntlets 1,160 Gauntlets hardened by covering them in monsters' muscle fiber. DEF+15: 1 VIT PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Muscled Arm
Aqua Mittens 640 The fingers in these gloves are combined to allow for great power. DEF+12: 1 STR PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Phylite, 1x Blue Arm
Tale Gloves 270 Red gloves made of crustacean bone gathered from the Labyrinth. DEF+9: 1 HP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Red Tail, 4x Gigapede Leg
Light Muffs 190 A cylindrical armor that completely envelopes one's arms. DEF+6: 1 TEC PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Poisonous Tail
Bark Gloves 40 A simple glove made from tree bark collected nearby. DEF+4 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) Available From Start


Name Price Description Effect Usable by Requirements
Cianontedae 17,500 A godly tool that empowers the user to expel evil and run as the wind. DEF+21: 3 AGI PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 7x Tiny Tooth, 1x Invader's Eye
Spica Pumps 12,900 Property of a starry ocean goddess that will never fatigue the wearer. DEF+20: 1 HP, 1 LUCK PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x Cursed Hypha, 1x Dragonfly Nest
Solid Moccasin 11,600 Armor that protects the entire leg with hard and sturdy material. DEF+19 PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) ???
Morbarabakets 6,860 Equipment that gives the wearer both high defense and mobility. DEF+18: 1 VIT, 1 AGI PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Biting Vine
Sabaton 5,420 Leg armor with multiple layers of metal that repel fierce attacks. DEF+16: 2 HP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Poison Branch
Kilt Tassels 4,080 Special shoes with patterns that activate a barrier sewn into them. DEF+15: 2 TP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Horned Cap
War Greaves 3,680 Leg armor that won't break while running around a battlefield. DEF+14: 4 AGI PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Serpentinite, 1x Silver Snakeskin
Evil Sea Boots 2,590 Mysterious shoes that shine when submerged in ocean water. DEF+13: 3 TEC PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Swordfish Skin
Rock Boots 2,010 Long boots with a surface area that is hard as a rock. DEF+12: 2 VIT PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x Round Eggshell
Poleyn 1,870 Leg armour with strengthened knee guards that catch attacks. DEF+11: 1 SLASH, 1 STRIKE, 1 PIERCE PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Crocodile Hide
Front Cuisse 1,680 Leg guards for assault soldiers with plating on the front side. DEF+11: 3 HP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Pup Horn
Jackboots 1,160 Long boots with a strong surface, favoured by knights. DEF+10: 1 HP, 1 TP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Red Fragment
Slip-ons 770 Useful shoes that stabilize one's footing just by wearing them. DEF+9: 2 VIT PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Cilian Sucker, 3x Jet
Ivy Anklet 580 Equipment that envelops the wearer with mysterious power when worn. DEF+8: 3 LUC PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Tough Tentacle
Coin Loafers 410 Shoes that have an opening for small things to be concealed. DEF+7: 2 HP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Spherical Bone
Puple Leggings 230 Armor that protects the lower body with scales from the Labyrinth. DEF+6: 2 TP PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 3x Purple Scale
Strap Shoes 90 Shoes that are fixed by wrapping string around its wearer's legs. DEF+4: 1 VIT PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) 1x Slimy Leg
Shuro's Sandals 20 Sandals of Shuro tree lead, perfect for the arid south. DEF+2: 1 STR PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) Available From Start

Reward ArmorsEdit

These are golden armors that are given out for completing certain sea quests. They are valued more for their unique forged effects and are one of a kind.

Name Description Effect Usable by Requirement
Kirikaze Hood A black hood that Kirikaze is always wearing. DEF+3: 2 LUC PGHBNMZWAFSY (All) The swallow's cowry (Sea Quest)