Armor in Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan is obtained by selling raw materials to the Atelier; however, instead of just unlocking them you are simply "supplying" the shop. Once unlocked you must supply more of the same item if you wish to buy more.

All armor sells for 40% of their buy price. Armor without any listed buy price are quest rewards or obtained from chests.

Turn SpeedEdit

Equipping different armors can affect a character's turn speed.

Heavy Light Cloth Shield Helm Gauntlet Boots
-2 -1 +2 -1 0 +1 +4

Heavy ArmorEdit

Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Scale Mail 390 Armor made from small overlapping discs cut from beast shells. Sturdy, but heavy. DEF+26 LFI 1x Roller Shell, 1x Thin Wing
Lorica Squamata 500 An armor strengthened with small copper plates on the lining. DEF+34 LFI 2x Big Shell, 1x Cyanite
Studded Mail 1,180 An armor reinforced by carefully embedding metal into it. DEF+40 LFI 1x Fiery Rind, 1x Ebony Fur
Ring Mail 2,060 An armor made of woven metal rings. DEF+48 LFI 1x Boar Tusk, 1x Crane Ginseng
Tourney Mail 2,410 Heavy armor that can withstand heavy strikes with it's plating

DEF+53 (1 VIT) 

L 1x Moa Beak
Fluted Armor 4,260 Functional armor with notched grooves in it for parrying. DEF+62 LFI 1x Hard Shell, 1x Soft Patagium
Alla Romana 5,890 A royal knight's armor decorated with flamboyant accoutrements. DEF+76 LFI 1x Pagoda Branch, 1x Poison Hypha
Shell Armor 7,080 Heavy Armor that deflects attacks with its distinctive shape. DEF+80 (2 VIT) LFI 1x Armor Shard
Composite Armor 8,760 Armor that has been strengthened by layering it with animal shell. DEF+89 LFI 2x Barbed Shell
Plate Mail 10,920 A carefully-constructed suit of armor made of multiple layers of metal plates. DEF+100 LFI 1x Evil Copal, 1x Mystery Shard
Brigandine 13,100 Armor made lighter by tempering a bouncing beast's fists. DEF+109 LFI 2x Bloody Fist
Full Plate 15,720 Heavy equipment that can bear even a full assault by an entire division DEF+118 LFI 1x Spear Shard, 2x Thunder Tooth
Adama Armor 18,870 Hard armor crafted from monster shells that protects against death. DEF+122 (3 Death RES) LFI 1x Thorny Shell
Plate Coat 22,640 Body armor using strong shells to protect it's wearer's vital areas. DEF+128 LFI 1x Golden Shell, 1x Sky Iron Shell
Field Armor 27,170 Impenetrable, heavy cavalry armor that scoffs at superficial attacks. DEF+137 LFI 1x Red Lion Hide, 1x Dark Pyroxenite
Demon Mail 155,970 Armor with impressive strength that should be worn by any true warrior DEF+141(2 ATK; 2 SPD) L 1x Kingly Skin, 1x Red Lion Hide
Royal Byrnie 163,020 A royal armor with a golden gleam that makes enemies cower in fear DEF+144(2 ATK; 2 ELM) I 1x Colorful Tongue, 2x Sky Iron Nail
Knight Armor 166,800 Armor for a true knight who never gives up, despite any disadvantage. DEF+148 (2 HP, 2 VIT) F 1x Raptor Talon, 2x Dark Pyroxenite
Heavy Armor -- Bulky armor that stops attacks with thick sheets of metal. DEF+93 (Cut, Bash, Stab RES) LFI --

Light ArmorEdit

Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Leather Vest 220 A simple tunic made from the skins of beasts found in the forest. DEF+22 LNFSMDBI 1x Roller Shell
Hobblegeon 350 Armor made lighter by raisin the helm. DEF+26 LNFSMDBI 1x Elastic Skin
Hard Plate 1,020 A breastplate that uses hardened rabbit tails to stop impacts. DEF+34 LNFSMDBI 2x Rabbit Tail
Cloth Armor 1,150 An armor that helps to soften the blow of enemy strikes or tackles. DEF+39 (2 Strike RES) LNFSMDBI 1x Cursed Wool
Half Armor 1,540 Sturdy armor made for infantry. DEF+40 LNFSMDBI 1x Boar Skin
Leaf Tunic 2,120 Armor that has been lightened by limiting the amount of reinforcements. DEF+48 LNFSMDBI 1x Corundum, 1x Strong Vine
Cuirassair 3,530 Armor that casts aside defensive joins in favor of mobility. DEF+55 LNFSMDBI 1x Trileaf Stalk, 1x Shining Rectirx
Sneaking Plate 4,510 Special armor made from material that makes little noise when moving. DEF+64 (2 AGI) LNFSMDBI 1x Giant Wing
Hard Leather 5,290 Rustic, no-frills armor that is said to have been introduced from the far east. DEF+69 LNFSMDBI 1x Zapper Skin, 1x Hard Shell
Aketon 7,030 Armor made thin for the purpose of increased mobility. DEF+75 LNFSMDBI 1x Crimson Fur
Studded Leather 7,690 A jacket that has been strengthened by embedding metal into it DEF+82 (3 AGI) LNFSMDBI 1x Earthy Skin
Iron Plate 8,350 Armor made from molten metal threads and stone fangs. DEF+88 LNFSMDBI 1x Stone Fang, 1x Metallic Cord
Wing Plate 9,720 A breastplate with feathers spread across it's surface that parry attacks. DEF+95 LNFSMDBI 1x Red Jasper, 1x Peach Feather
Indigo Chain 11,660 Indigo chain mail made from two types of conflicting materials. DEF+100 LNFSMDBI 1x Magma Core, 1x Glacier Core
Hide Armor Armor shaped like a fierce beast that intimidates enemies. DEF+109 LNFSMDBI 1x Ape Hide
General Leather 16,700 Leather armor said to have been worn by frontline generals. DEF+117 (2 HP) LNFSMDBI 1x Giant Petal
Padded Armor 20,160 Armor made by combining chain mail and plating to negate impact.  DEF+123 (Bash Res) LNFSMDBI 1x Eryngii Cap
Fusskampf 24,190 Armor with metal plating fitted onto the joints to reduce weakness. DEF+132 LNFSMDBI 1x Red Lion Hide
Panacea Vest 139,060 Armor named after a great healing spirit. DEF+133 (2 TEC; 2 TP) M 1x Poison Wing, 1x Staff Shard
Hihiirokane 140,280 Armor believed to be made of the legendary metal, hihiirokane. DEF+134 (2 ATK; 2 HP) B 1x Dream Carapace, 2x Petal Stone
Fairy Chain 142,680 Weightless armor said to have been woven by fairies. DEF+136 (2 STR; 2 TEC) D 1x Effulgent Horn, 2x Sky Iron Claw
Sylpheed 145,110 Spirits' garb that makes its wearer's body as light as the wind DEF+138 (2 CRI; 2 TP) S 1x Chaos Feather
Mirage Vest 147,510 Armor said to envelop its wearer with an illusion. DEF+140 (2 ATK; 2 LUC) N 1x Frozen Skin
Pure Plate -- A breastplate made from shining white feathers. DEF+30 (1 HP) LNFSMDBI --


Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Tweed 70 Woolen clothing that is easy to move in, but has low defense. DEF+8 All Available From Start
Scale Jerkin 150 Clothes made by lining scales on the surface of the material. DEF+17 All 1x Hard Skin
Chemise 220 Clothes that cover the chest to the waist for maximum protection. DEF+20 All 1x Fawn Hide, 1x Thin Wing
Leaf Jacket 290 Adventuring garb dyed with forest leaves. DEF+24 All 1x Writhing Bulb, 1x Rainbow Skin
Kazak 730 A robe commonly worn by hunters that completely covers the body. DEF+28 All 2x Muddle Hypha
Sack Dress 940 Clothing made with coarse, heavy fiber. DEF+34 (1 TP) All 1x Paulownia Bark, 1x Pliant Vine
Moth Coat 1,260 An overcoat coated with toxic scales that lessen the chance of panic. DEF+36 (3 Confuse RES) All 1x Violet Wing
Mist Robe 1,700 An overcoat worn by assassins that hide in the mist before killing. DEF+40 All 1x Green Feather
Cotardie 2,310 A tight overcoat fashioned out of monster wings sewn together. DEF+44 All 1x Hopper Wing
Mantle 3,580 Clothes that hide the entire body, strong against both hot and cold. DEF+52 All 1x Frog Belly Skin
Caster's Coat 4,250 An overcoat enchanted with the caster's knowledge of barriers. DEF+58 All 1x Zapper Skin
Gilet 6,660 Clothes with hard strings covering the front that raise defense. DEF+64 All 1x Pachypodium
Aurora Veil 6,930 An overcoat made with cloth given divine protection. DEF+72 (Slash, Pierce, Bash Res) All 1x Colorful Skin
Siren Tunic 7,200 Clothes strengthened by carving ancient letter seals into them. DEF+77 (Head Bind RES) All 1x White Ape Skin
Witch Drawers 9,240 A robe enchanted with a spell to prevent harm to it's wearer. DEF+84 All 2x Butterfly Wing
Spirit Cape 13,320 Clothes with the strength to balance one's mind and body DEF+90 (1 HP; 1 TP) All 2x Icy Rind
Linen Cuirass 14,400 Cloth armor with a special enchantment that repels attacks. DEF+97 All 2x Crimson Wing
Great Coat 17,280 A powerful overcoat worn by royalty to protect themselves with. DEF+111 All 1x Deathly Bud
Mythic Nithsdale 102,540 A long cape with ancient scripture embroidered on the interior lining. DEF+123 (2 ELM; 2 TP) R 1x Berserker Skin, 1x Writhing Wood
Verdant Attire 103,680 The ultimate attire of the Vessels, bearing the life energy of plants. DEF+124 (2 LUC; 2 TP) A 1x Cursed Eye, 1x Indigo Vine.
Red Doublet -- Red clothes woven from fibers with excellent flame tolerance. DEF+50 (3 Fire RES) All --
Element Cloak -- A robe that absorbs the elements and changes its affinity. DEF+104 (Fire, Ice, Volt RES) All --


Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Buckler 90 A small shield used to parry attacks DEF+6 LF Available From Start
Hide Aspis 230 A small wooden shield made stronger by stretching a beast hide across it. DEF+10 LF 2x Rat Hide
Targe 370 A small shield hung on armor to protect the user's shoulders and joints. DEF+14 LF 1x Guaiacum Wood, 1x Slate
Fist Shield 460 A shield crafted from the fists of a bounding beast. DEF+17 (1 VIT) LF 1x Kangaroo Fist
Round Shield 1,120 A circular shield made for soldiers on the frontline. DEF+20 (1 HP) LF 1x Metallic Horn, 1x Umbrella Lump
Feather Shield 2,140 A shield adorned with giant bird feathers. Easy to wield, and effective. DEF+25 (1 VIT) LF 1x Green Feather, 1x Corundum
Lantern Shield 3,210 Shield equipped with an accessory to turn battles in your favor. DEF+30 (2 HP) LF 1x Scorch Stone, 1x Frigid Stone
Caetra A shield that can withstand impact despite its small size. DEF+34 LF 1x Poison Ferrule, 1x Pagoda Branch
Aspis 6,670 A durable, oval sized shield that hard shells were used on. DEF+38 LF 1x Barbed Shell, 1x Thujopsis Root
Kite Shield 8,130 A shield that has been vertically elongated for nearly full coverage DEF+44 (1 VIT) LF 1x Mystery Shard
Somastes 9,570 A shield that can be used for both stopping and parrying attacks. DEF+46 (2 HP) LF 1x Sintered Body
Silver Shield 11,480 A beautiful circular shield made with silver DEF+52 (2 HP) LF 1x Unknown Metal
Hoplon 13,780 A shield belonging to knights whose pride and joy is to protect others. DEF+56 LF 1x Odd Wall Chip
Body Aspis 16,540 A giant shield that can completely cover the entire body. DEF+58 LF 1x Dark Pyroxenite
Singauta 19,850 A shield with claws attached for both offense and defense. DEF+65 LF 1x Dark Pyroxenite, 1x Stardust Twig
Pelta -- A lightweight shield made of an animal hide stretched across a crescent of wood. DEF+15 (Skill: Ally Shield Lv1) All --
Lexxy's Shield -- An extremely well-used shield left behind by a certain Fortress. DEF+16 (1 VIT) LF --
Hildebrand -- A shield that only knights who vowed to serve their master hold. DEF+48 (1 VIT) LF --
Qibo Shield -- A shield with foreign script along the edge that grants a high poison tolerance. DEF+31 (4 Poison RES) LF --


Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Feathered Hat 50 Typical headgear for adventurers. DEF+4 All Available From Start
Hairpin 230 A hairpin carved out of strong Teak Wood. DEF+7 (1 TEC) All 1x Teak Wood
Barbute 320 A helm adjusted many times for ease of use and defensive performance. DEF+10 (1 TP) All 1x Fawn Hide
Kettle Hat 790 A hat-shaped, heavy helm made from ore. DEF+13 All 1x Metallic Horn, 1x Mahogany
Chain Helm 1,270 A helm consisting of a chain coif riveted to a metal bowl. DEF+16 (1 VIT) All 1x Boar Tusk
Forest Crown 2,450 A queenly crown that protects its wearer with mysterious powers. DEF+18 (2 LUC, 2 TP) All 1x Dress Scrap
Bascinet 3,370 A helm with emphasis placed on parrying more than deterrence. DEF+19 (2 TP) All 1x Shining Rectrix
Caresche 3,770 A hat made with material that is well-suited for the head. DEF+22 All 1x Frog Belly Skin
Round Helm 4,420 A simple design that provides a goodly amount of defense. DEF+25 All 1x Hard Bark
Crown Hat 7,770 An ancient hat worn only by those of high status DEF+28 All  1x Blue Ear
Circlet 8,010 A thin crown covered with engraved scripts fro warding off evil. DEF+33 (2 TEC) All 1x Stone Shell
Nightcap 8,240 A big black cap with elaborate embroidery on it. DEF+31 (3 Sleep Res) All 2x Dragonfly Nest
Morion 11,860 A helm with thick plating to strengthen its ability to withstand attacks. DEF+34  All 1x Beetle Shell
Barrel Helm 14,230 A cylindrical helm that covers the entire head from all directions. DEF+36 All 1x Sky Iron Shell, 1x Eryngii Hypha
Armet 17,080 A highly efficient helm that fits closely to the head. DEF+40 (3 Paralysis Res) All 1x Writhing Wood
Heretic's Mask -- A mask with evil markings that sap the survival instincts of those who see it. DEF+26 (Skill: Atrophic Eye Lv1) All --


Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Thick Gages 40 Simple gloves made from tree bark. DEF+3 All Available From Start
Poofy Mittens 110 Gloves made of beast hides that make one's hands resemble balls of fur. DEF+5 (1 STR) All 1x Baboon Skin
Leather Gloves 250 Simple gloves with effective gripping surfaces. DEF+8 All 1x Rainbow Skin
Studded Gloves 570 The fingers in these gloves are combined to allow for great power. DEF+12 All 1x Fiery Rind
Iron Gloves 980 Gauntlets with boar tusks incorporated into the design for even more protection. DEF+14 (1 ATK) All 1x Boar Tusk, 1x Mint
Croc Bracers 2,130 Crude gauntlets made from hard crocodile skin. DEF+16 (1 VIT) All 1x Dinogator Skin
Hard Gloves 2,450 Sturdy gloves that aren't scratched even by sword attacks. DEF+17 All 1x Hardened Lava, 1x Ice Core Shard
Stain Gages 2,760 Gloves with mottled dye patterns that make them quite comfortable. DEF+19 (2 STR) All 1x Poison Hypha
Exorcism Gloves 3,580 Gloves engraved with symbols of power that expel Demons DEF+22 (Curse Res) All 1x Crimson Fur
Gauntlets 5,140 Gauntlets that fit the wearer's hands perfectly for a good grip. DEF+24 All 1x White Ape Skin
Rune Gages 7,160 Gloves with holy verses written on them, releasing energy that monsters hate. DEF+26 (2 TEC) All 1x Cold Skin
Expel Arms 9,280 Golden gloves that truly shine even in the depths of darkness. DEF+29 (Inst. Death Res) All 1x Holly Lumber
Beast Gauntlets 11,140 Cursed gauntlets that drag the wearer's heart into darkness DEF+31 (1 VIT) All 1x Sky Iron Shell
Brave Bracers 13,360 Arm guards that cover the upper arm and protect vital areas DEF+34 All 1x Red Lion Hide
Strength Bracers -- Bracers for warriors that refuse to give up in the face of any adversity. DEF+10 (2 HP) All --
Feather Gloves -- Elegant gloves decorated with large bird feathers. DEF+14 All --
Bracers -- Armor that lightens the burden on the wearer's arms in battle. DEF+21 (2 HP) All --
Power Gloves -- Gloves that rouse one's strength in preparation for the next attack. DEF+30 (Skill: Charge Lv1) All --


Name Price Description Effect Classes Unlock
Hide Boots 20 Sturdy boots made of tanned leather that allow the wearer to move quickly. DEF+2 All Available From Start
Strap Shoes 110 Shoes that are fixed by wrapping string around its wearer's legs. DEF+4 (1 VIT) All 2x Frog Cheek Meat
Jackboots 550 Long boots with a strong surface, favored by knights. DEF+8 (1 AGI) All 1x Muddle Hypha
Quill Boots 890 Boots with mystical feathers attached to them. DEF+10 (3 AGI) All 1x Huge Feather
Chain Greaves 1,040 Sturdy long boots made from an alloy chain. DEF+11 (1 VIT, 1 AGI) All 1x Dolomite
Poleyn 1,450 Leg armor with strengthened knee guards that catch attacks. DEF+14 (1 Slash, Strike, Pierce RES) All 1x Crusher's Hide
Ivy Anklets 2,020 Equipment that envelops the wearer with mysterious power when worn. DEF+13 (3 LUC) All 1x Cave Palm Bark
Front Cuisse 2,860 Leg guards for assault soldiers with plating on the front side. DEF+15 (2 HP) All 1x Eclogite
Kilt Tassels 3,110 Special shoes with patterns that activate a barrier sewn into them DEF+17 (2 TP) All 1x Hard Bark
Night Greaves 3,880 Heavy leg armor colored for use in covert actions. DEF+18 (4 AGI) All 1x Raptor Wing
War Greaves 4,080 Leg armor that wont' break while running around a battlefield DEF+19 (1 AGI; 1 VIT) All 1x Evil Copal
Morbarabakets 6,220 Equipment that gives the wearer both high defense and mobility DEF+21 (1 VIT; 1 AGI) All 1x Mole Skin
Sabaton 8,960 Leg Armor with multiple layers of metal that repel fierce attacks DEF+23 (2 HP) All 1x Crimson Wing
War Boots 10,750 Boots preferred by veteran warriors for their reliability in battle DEF+26 (4 AGI) All 1x Tricolor Stone
Talaria 12,900 The pinnacle of footwear, worthy for adventurers who soar across the skies. DEF+28 (2 HP; 2 LUC) All 1x Sky Iron Claw, 1x Sky Iron Nail
Commander's Boots -- Thigh-high boots worn by leaders of men in battle. DEF+24 (Skill: Quick Step Lv1) All --

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