The city of Armoroad.

Armoroad is a city that is surrounded by a beautiful ocean. It prospered in ancient times with high-leveled civilization. However, due to the great earthquake that occurred a hundred years prior, the central part of the city sank to the bottom of the sea along with its superior technology.

Afterwards, a labyrinth had appeared in the hole of the city that the quake had created, which became central to the city's economy. The city is governed by the Senatus.

Places of Interest Edit

Aman's InnEdit

A seaside inn headed by a young man. Explorers may rest here and seek treatment at the clinic. For a nominal fee, Aman will allow explorers to store items for safekeeping.

Napier's FirmEdit


Edie of Napier's Firm.

Going here allows you to sell or buy weapons, armor, accessories, or consumable items. If you bring hammers to Edie, she will allow you to customize your equipment, for a fee.

Butterfly BistroEdit


Missy of Butterfly Bistro.

A place where explorers come to relax. Many that go to the Butterfly Bistro have a great deal of experience that they are willing to share. You can acquire knowledge on how to obtained difficult-to-find items, gather tips and information on your current requests, or just daily things that are happening around Armoroad.

Explorer's GuildEdit

The starting point, where adventurers are recruited and organized.

Inver PortEdit

These docks provide access to the seas surrounding Armoroad. Upon completing the first mission for the Senatus, your guild is issued a personal ship. From here, one can take time off from exploring the labyrinth to chart sea lanes, catch fish, or undertake Sea Quests.

Via SenatusEdit

The main governing body of Armoroad, headed by a crone known as Flowdia. Missions are given to all explorers navigating the labyrinth, and discoveries may be reported for the Monstrous Codex and the Item Compendium.

Forest EntranceEdit

The entrance to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, outside the city gates. After completing the second stratum, one may directly access the Deep City through here.

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