Waspior (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

A wasp with a very painful sting. Where you see one, there are always others nearby.
Enemy Data
HP 88
AT 52
DF 39
EXP 264
Skills Poison
Items Amber Lump, Stinger
Weakness Volt
Resistance Status
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Waspiors are first encountered on B6F.

Waspiors can be a threat when coming to the 2nd stratum for a number of reasons: They do decent damage, their Poison ability damages in addtion to, obviously, having a chance of poisoning, and finally, they always bring friends (and not only more Waspiors).

However, they are kinda squishy, so killing them off quickly is a way to defeat them.

Skills Edit

  • Poison (Uses ???):

Related MonstersEdit

Waspior (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

A dangerous bee whose needle is tipped with poison. They swarm to attack any intruders.
Enemy Data
HP 291
AT 32
DF 31
EXP 1800
Skills Sting
Items Bee Needle, Strawberry
Weakness Volt
Resistance ???
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Waspiors are first encountered on 16F. They are the most common enemy within the Petal Bridge.

Their attack power is moderate, but they always attack in groups, either with others of their kind or different monsters. The real danger is their Sting skill, which will quite often paralyze on impact. It is not too difficult to take out a group of them, but sometimes they are supporting the dangerous Killpions, which not only have powerful attacks but also a high-level poison skill.

Another danger their Sting causes is losing too many turns on certain corridors, where you are forced to follow certain FOEs closely while surrounded from both sides. If you take too long to either defeat the enemy party or running away, the FOE behind you will most likely catch up.

Skills Edit

  • Sting (Uses ???):

Army Wasp (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

Army Wasp
A wasp with a very painful sting. Wherever you can see one, there will always be others nearby.
Enemy Data
HP 135
AT 16
DF 10
EXP ???
Skills Poison Sting
Items Sharp Stinger, Amber Lump
Weakness Volt
Resistance Stab
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Similar to the Waspior in previous games, the Army Wasp usually appear in groups and try to poison the party with Poison Sting. They can be found in the earlier floors of the Primitive Jungle. One of their drops, the Sharp Stinger, is required for the completion of the quest 'Fashionista II'.

Skills Edit

  • Poison Sting (Uses ???):

Locations Edit

  • Primitive Jungle: B6F - B7F, B10F
  • Gladsheim: AREA II

Related Monsters Edit

  • Divine Bee
  • Blue Patroller
  • Pollen Bee
  • Queen Bee

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