It's me, Wynne from the Berund Atelier! I can't keep up with all these new Kopis orders. Please bring me two Rat Fangs!

Atelier request (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit


Quest GuideEdit

This is a very basic and simple request, all you need to do is gather 2 Rat Fangs from the Tree Rat! If you're at somewhat of a low level don't worry, their best attack is Deadly Incisor which can do some damage but not enough to become a serious bother at least while they're alone. The only problem is they tend to pair up with stronger monsters or travel in groups of 2 or more making them much more difficult to contend with! So make sure you've got a Medic, Dancer, or some Medica's on hand just in case!


  • Items: Ariadne Thread x2
  • Exp: ???
  • Bonus: Sell the Rat Fang's for 10en!

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