It's me, Wynne from the Berund Atelier! I need some Dragon's Blood for a new item. Somebody please get some for me!


Quest GuideEdit

When you speak with Wynne, she tells you that the Dragon's Blood (she needs for a new item) can be found in the Small Orchard, a little west of the Lush Woodlands entrance.

As many NPCs have discussed, the Small Orchard is filled with weak monsters, suitable for new adventurers to train. The Furyfawns there also pose little challenge, but avoid defeating both of them lest you risk running into an aggressive Furyhorn. Head for the northwest corner of the map, and obtain the Dragon's Blood from the Take spot.

Return to the Berund Atelier and sell the Dragon's Blood. In doing so, you have unlocked the Blaze, Freeze, & Shock Oils in her store. She will report to the bar that the request has been completed, so head there and collect your rewards too.


  • Item: Poison Blade
  • Exp: 500 per member

Related QuestsEdit

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