See also: Auburn Thicket

The Auburn Thicket is the second stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. The stratum introduces the player to damage tiles which present the player with shortcuts through the floor - should their party be willing to weather the ensuing damage. Various FOEs can also potentially interact with these damage tiles for better or worse. On 8F the party has to dodge around the Salamander to retrieve the Flame Plume, and afterwards they square off with the Flame Demon that blocks the way up.

Past the locked door on 10F is a source for unusual geothermal activity, and the residence of the Great Dragon...


Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mine Chop Take Chests
6F Giant Shroom, Frilled Lizard, Giant Moa, Odd Statue Tree Sponge -- -- Mint Leaf, Mugwort, Tricolor Fruit, Small Soybean, Leek 3
7F Fanged Vine, Giant Moa, Giant Shroom, Raging Boar, Odd Statue Baby Salamander, Thunder Queen -- Scarlet Vine, Hardwood, Red Pine, Oni Chestnut, Red Persimmon -- 1
8F Flame Lizard, Red Gel, Armor Tortoise, Frilled Lizard, Fanged Vine Salamander, Fire Drake Fluorite, Ruby, Blood Rock, Scarlet Yam, Root Chilli -- -- 2
9F Gryphon, Madness Owl, Dinotyrant*, Black Boar* Attack Cactus, Baby Salamander*, Lava Beast*, Great Dragon** -- -- -- 3
10F Rattle Nozuchi, Actaeon, Gryphon, Sauroposeidon, Madness Owl, Dinotyrant* Tree Sponge, Baby Salamander, Fire Drake, Attack Cactus Fluorite, Ruby, Blood Rock, Root Chili Scarlet Vine, Hardwood, Red Pine, Oni Chestnuts Mint Leaf, Mugwort, Tricolor Fruit, Small Soybean 4

*Appears only in the secret area.
**Appears once "Crimson vengeance" is initiated.
†DLC only.

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