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Automaton King (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Automaton King
Automaton King
The ruler of the Deep City that mechanized himself to slay the evil threatening mankind.
Enemy Data
HP 7760
AT 55
DF 51
EXP 26300
Skills Brandish, Grasp Arm, Punishment, Liberation, Uzurai
Items Machine Wing
Weakness None
Resistance Physical
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If the party sides with the Armoroad Senatus, then Seyfried and Olympia will take it up themselves to slay the Deep One-ridden Gutrune. The party will meet them at the deepest floor of the Porcelain Forest, and despite Flowdia's pleading to her former king, the final battle will begin.

Do not be fooled by his lack of HP, as he and his servant Olympia are fought together as final bosses of the Porcelain Wish route.

Strategy Edit

For the total battle strategy, see also the Olympia's boss page.

While his servant debilitates and binds the party he focuses on dealing damage. He has no elemental weaknesses and is resistant to all physical damage.

His Brandish attack inflicts slash damage to the front row that may cause Arm Bind. This can be troublesome for any Gladiators or front-row Hoplites.

Grasp Arm targets one unit for strike damage and has a high chance of causing paralysis. Having a Princess with Prevent Order helps avoiding the status ailment, lowering the worse effects of this attack.

Punishment can be said to be the "least risky" of his attacks, as it only deals slash damage. That said, it targets randomly so it may hit an unit more than once.

His Liberation skill deals more damage depending on the amount of buffs a party member has, making it inadvisable to use them extensively. It's recommended to use debuffs instead (Primal Drums, Eagle Eye...), which both bosses have no way to counter.

Every six turns, they will use a combination attack, Uzurai, which deals heavy Volt damage at random on the party. A Hoplite with full Antivolt is highly advised to annul this.

Try to slay Olympia first, since killing Seyfried first triggers a suicide attack from his servant and denies you one of the two item drops from this battle. Once Olympia is dead, Seyfried effectiveness decreases considerably. He obviously only drops one Machine Wing and to get more copies the player will have to repeat the Porcelain Wish route.

Battle Suggestions Edit

  • Hoplite with maxed Antivolt. (significantly reduces damage from Uzurai)
  • Monk with Refresh/Unbind/Therica A's
  • Slash Charm/Head Guard/Arm Guard (to avoid bindings)
  • Monk with Line Heal/Party Heal/Madora

Skills Edit

  • Brandish (Uses Arms): Targets front row, causes slash damage and may bind an unit's arms.
  • Grasp Arm (Uses Arms): Targets one unit, causes strike damage and may paralyze
  • Liberation (Uses Head): Targets one unit, causes non-elemental damage and nullifies buffs. Damage increases the more buffs the target has.
  • Punishment (Uses Arms): Random target, causes slash damage.
  • Uzurai (Uses None): Combination skill with Olympia, random target, causes volt damage.

Drops Edit

  • Machine Wing (Worth: 5810 en)
    • The Machine Wing can be sold to create the Durandal, one of the best swords in the game (until the Dragon bosses are accessible).
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.