"The kingdom of Ayutthaya flourishes with merchants and shipwrights but a devil has arrived at its ports..." -Sea Quest Description

The Ayutthaya Port is the third Sea Quest. It can be reached quite easily after reaching the Trade City of Batavia. It is the location of the first ship upgrade, allowing the use of more ship parts.


  1. Equip the Sauerkraut along with the Foremast if you feel particularly cautious. However, if you follow this route, Raisins (and by extension Sheep Cheese) should suffice. Sail due east two turns and south one turn into the eastbound current north of directly north of Batavia.
  2. If you have not collected the Bull Ants yet, sail north one turn and check the island. If you have, continue north one more turn and sail east two turns. Head north one turn, west one turn and then north again two turns. You should have hit an island, preventing you from moving the full two spaces. Checking the island will cause you to lose three turns worth of rations with nothing to gain. From there, head west one space to Ayutthaya Port.

Sea QuestsEdit

The Sea Quests here are all confrontations with the Hammerhead. By finishing by first time you get: Inferno Script - Limit Hellfire

Ex-pirate ascendantEdit

Drake: Level 22 Retired, Not Tired (Buccaneer) - Front Row

The NPC will use Chase Saber, so slash attacks are the best option. Another good choice is a elemental attacker, since Hammerhead is weak against elemental type.

Equipment: Drake's Rapier  (Rapier) - ATK+53, 2 HP

The initiation riteEdit

Rebecca: Level 20 Test of Adulthood (Ninja) - Back Row

Arcadio: Level 19 Test of Adulthood (Arbalist) - Back Row

Equipment: Rebecca's Gloves (Gloves) - DEF+13, 2 AGI

A princess's trial IIEdit

Victoria': Level 21 Royal Guards ('Princess) - Front Row

Benjamin: Level 18 Royal Guards (Hoplite) - Front Row

Albert: Level 19 Royal Guards (Gladiator) - Front Row

Equipment: Benjamin Shield (Shield) - DEF+25, 2 VIT

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