Azure rainforest
The third Stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth is the Azure Rainforest. Wildly different from the Emerald Grove and the Primitive Jungle, the Azure Rainforest can make one forget that they are in a forest. It gives off a feeling of being underwater, though there are several lakes that occupy this stratum.


Floor Monsters FOEs/Bosses Mine Chop Take Chests
B11F Madworm, Killer AntTreefrog, Honey Ant, Dragonfly*, Forest Bat*, Meltworm* Blood Ant, Servitor Ant Deposit Piece, Sea Pyroxene, Corundrum -- -- 3
B12F Madworm, Guardian Ant, Forest Bat, Killer Ant, Honey Ant, Redclaw Queen Ant, Servitor Ant, Blood Ant -- -- Crinoid Leaf, Stab Shell, Lapis 1
B13F Dragonfly, Madworm, Honey Ant, Dragonhorse, Treefrog, Guardian Ant, Redclaw Aquatic Butcher, +Lure Tortoise -- Sea Branch, Rock Coral, Narcissus -- 5
B14F Scissor Crab, Dragonhorse, Swordfish, Killer Ant, Hell Angler, Guardian Ant Creeping Death, Aquatic Butcher Deposit Piece, Sea Pyroxene, Corundum Sea Branch, Rock Coral, Narcissus Crinoid Leaf, Stab Shell, Lapis 3
B15F Scissor Crab, Hell Angler, Swordfish, Killer Ant, Dragonhorse, Iron Turtle** Blizzard King**, Corotrangul, Essence Drainer** -- -- -- 5

+Lure Tortise is an FOE-like monster that is only availble during a quest.

*Meltworm, Dragonfly, and Forest Bat in B11F are located in the southern portion of the map, accessible by unlocking a violet crystal door.

**Iron Turtle, Essence Drainer, and Blizzard King are all found in the northern half of the map, which is normally inaccessible until the quest "Proof of heroism" is accepted.



Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth III - The Milennial Azure Woodlands04:54

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth III - The Milennial Azure Woodlands

  • Blood Ant/Killer Ant
  • Servitor Ant/Guardian Ant
  • Madworm
  • Treefrog
  • Dragonfly
  • Forest Bat
  • Meltworm
  • Queen Ant
  • Scissor Crab
  • Redclaw
  • Aquatic Butcher
  • Creeping Death
  • Swordfish
  • Corotrangul
  • Blizzard King
  • Iron Turtle
  • Essence Drainer

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