The Baboon King is an optional boss in Etrian Odyssey IV. He is fairly strong, and has ways to restore large chunks of health.

Baboon King (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Baboon King
The king of baboons. All who rise against it will be mown down by its devastating attacks.
Enemy Data
HP 5,420
AT 44
DF 38
EXP 15,600
Skills Grand Uppercut, Wild Tackle, Healing Strike
Items Kingly Horn, Kingly Skin (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance All ailments and binds
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The Baboon King appears in the Old Forest Mine after accepting the quest Rise of the Baboons and defeating the three Raging Baboons. This quest isn't available until approximately halfway through the game.

The Baboon King isn't particularly dangerous on his own but he is capable of summoning two Healing Rollers. If they are not killed immediately, the Baboon King will throw them at your party, dealing massive damage and healing himself for hundreds of HP.

Strategy Edit

A well equipped party won't find this fight overly difficult. He doesn't have a great variety of moves, and they're all physical damage. Using a Fortress in this battle is ideal, as it has many invaluable skills that will make the fight progress much more smoothly, such as Strike Guard and Party Shield. Additionally carrying a Runemaster will make dealing with his Healing Rollers much easier, as they're weak to magic.

At approximately half health the Baboon King will begin summoning his Healing Rollers. This enables his strongest attack, Healing Strike; which not only does tremendous damage to your party, but also heals him significantly (Over 1,000 depending on the damage he does.)

A good strategy is to equip the burst skill Flame Wall and have a Runemaster (with high TEC) use it on the Healing Rollers to kill them at the beginning of the turn after they are summoned. Additionally, if you are hoping to get his Conditional Drop, it may be worthwhile to use Black Mist to extend the duration of Panic. To panic him, use either a Panic Flueret (If you've already defeated him), an Arcanist's Chaos Circle, or both.

Skills Edit

  • Grand Uppercut (Uses Arms): Melee bash attack with splash effect.
  • Wild Tackle (Uses Legs): Melee line-piercing bash attack.
  • Healing Strike (Uses Arms): Throws Healing Rollers for a bash attack to that the entire party and all Rollers. Heals for the total amount of damage dealt. Damage scales based on number of Healing Rollers thrown.

Drops Edit

  • Kingly Horn
    • A dignified horn that frightens small beasts
    • 1,759
  • Kingly Skin (Conditional)
    • The stench of blood will never come out.
    • 2,110
      • Condition: You must kill Baboon King while he suffers from Panic status.
      • Unlocks: Demon Armor, a highly defensive, Landsknecht specific heavy armor that gives ATK and and SPD.

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