Baby Salamander (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Baby Salamander
It cannot help but spit fire when it senses a threat is near. Don't get hit!
Enemy Data
HP 5723
AT 26
DF 22
EXP 4100
Skills Flame Breath, Harsh Cry, Dust Tail
Items Fiery Chip
Weakness Ice, Head Bind
Resistance Fire, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Confuse, Head Bind
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Baby Salamanders are FOEs first encountered in 7F of the Auburn Thicket. They are stationary, and some of them rotate once every 4 player steps. Should the player step within their direct line of sight, up to 4 squares away, these squares get marked with targeting reticles, and on the next step, are set ablaze with a fire that lasts for 3 player steps. During this time, the FOE will not rotate. Exploiting this behaviour is needed to get past some of them in several parts of the floors they are encountered on. Of note is that should another FOE be in the line of fire, except the Fire Drake, they will be destroyed in the blast.


  • Flame Breath (Uses Head): Fire attack to one line.
  • Harsh Cry (Uses Head): Reduces one target's elemental defenses, may bind head.
  • Dust Tail (Uses Legs): 2-4 melee bash attacks to random targets.

Drops Edit

  • Fiery Chip (Worth: )
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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