Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.
Bared Essence
Yggdrasil's head, become the Titan. Even asleep, the Medium barely keeps the Titan's power at bay.
Enemy Data
HP 9999
AT 50
DF 50
EXP 48500
Skills None
Items Bone Shard
Weakness Cut, Stab, Bash, Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance None
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The Bared Essence is the final stretch of the final boss fight, but you must defeat it quickly. You have approximately two turns to do about 10,000 damage or the Heavenbringer will regenerate with 25% health. However, the Bared Essence will not regenerate any of its health, making it easier to destroy the next time it is exposed.

It is very difficult to slay in within 2 turns, but if you bind its head, it can't regenerate the Heavenbringer and will be forced to remain in its current form until the head bind wears off. So once it becomes Bared Essence, immediately bind its head to prevent it from regenerating. But be warned, it is unknown how long the head bind will last, so you still must finish it off as soon as possible.

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  • Most people believe the Bared Essence is the result of breaking the Heavenbringer's face, but in reality it is only opening its mouth at an impossibly grotesque angle. This can be easily confirmed simply by rotating the monsters image in the Monstrous Codex while in game.
  • The Medium can be seen stuck above the "eye" of the Bared Essence.

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