The Basilisk is an enemy found in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight, and serves as the main boss of the first floor of Ginnungagap.

This massive, multi-armed serpent resembling a naga mainly attacks with its long claws, but its most dangerous ability is petrifying its victims, leaving them helpless.

Basilisk (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

A snake-like monster guarding Ginnungagap with its awesome power of petrification.
Enemy Data
HP 4320
AT 19
DF 18
EXP 4700
Skills Doom Breath, Dark Moon, Impairing Claws, Pound
Items Stiff Skin
Weakness Volt
Resistance Stun, Leg Bind
Immune Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Confuse, Paralyze, Head Bind
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Basilisk is a powerful boss, even more difficult than Chimaera. Your party should be around level 16 and equipped with the best equipment available before starting the fight. Bringing items and skills that remove or prevent binds is important as well such as Arianna's prevent order.

Basilisk's main attack is Dark Moon, which deals damage and binds the arms to one target and the characters adjacent to it. Impairing Claws deals medium damage to random targets 5-6 times. Once the boss health gets low enough, it will get two new skills: Dark Breath, which cuts by half the maximum hp on an entire row, and Pound, which deals heavy damage to the entire party, and may inflict paralysis.

Twice through the fight (in the first third and the last third of the fight) Basilisk's eyes will begin to glow. Once this happens, they will become a separate target, and you will be able to damage them. When this happens, you have 3 turns to defeat them and turn the eyes to normal otherwise the boss will petrify an entire character row, which is almost certainly fatal.

Basilisk Eye
Enemy Data
HP 680
AT 21
DF 18
Skills Stone Gaze
Items None
Weakness Volt
Resistance None
Immune All Ailments & Binds
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Basilisk's main quality is its defense. Since this will make the fight drag on for a while make sure to bring any Amritas you have left to restore TP (be careful since you won't be able to restore your supply until the 4th stratum), as well reviving and healing items. its most dangerous skills, while binding its arms will block Impairing Claw. The protagonist will most likely be the main damage dealer of the fight. Using Absorb allows him to heal from a possible arm bind, as well as filling his Limit Gauge a bit. He can use Shock Sabre/Thunder Wave, Blade Recoil and Meteor Smash to inflict considerate damage to the boss, as well as Mind Shut to lower the boss elemental defenses. Make sure to save Ignition Ray for when the boss is close to death. Pairing his attacks with Arianna's Link Order is highly recommended and nearly essential to dealing consistent and good damage to Basilisk. Bertrand should focus on using Front Guard on every turn, as damage to the front row will be heavy through the fight. Arianna can focus on support, keeping Attack and Guard order on the party, or using Prevent Order to block the petrification, should the player fail to shut Basilisk's eyes in time (it is possible to defeat the eyes without this skill). Negotiation will nullify Dark Breath's effect, and you can use it to help the protagonist's Gauge to fill faster. Chloe can use War Heal Line to aid the front line, as well as Warmight or her War Edge skills to cripple the boss. Flavio should focus on attempting to inflict status effects on the boss, as Basilisk is vulnerable to both Blindness and Poison, or attacking with Multi-Shot and Sagittarius Shot.

Skills Edit

  • Doom Breath (Uses Head): Lowers the maximum HP of one line.
  • Dark Moon (Uses Arms): Melee bash attack to 1 target with splash damage, may bind arms.
  • Impairing Claws (Uses Arms): 4 cut attacks across the party randomly.
  • Pound (Uses Legs): Bash attack to the party, may paralyze.
  • Stone Gaze (Uses None): Petrifies one line, used by Basilisk Eye.

Drops Edit

  • Stiff Skin (Worth: 224 en)
  • None.

Conditional drop Edit

  • None.