The miracle medicine left by a skilled doctor has trapped the Blizzard King in the mountains to the southeast. Slay it!


Quest GuideEdit

As the description already shows, you will have to defeat the Blizzard King in order to fulfill this quest. But he is one of the strongest monsters in this game so you have to be careful and prepared to fight him. His Ice attacks are immensely strong, but you can set the damage caused by them to single digits by eating the Golden Crab you can find close to the dragon's position and by equipping Ice Charms.

In addition to that, you can get an additional party member to help you slay the beast. Right next to it is Kirjonen's skyship and if you talk to him he will offer you his help. This will make it easier to kill the dragon, but if you want to challenge yourself a bit more, feel free to decline his offer. But if you decide to let Kirjonen join the battle, then make sure all preparations are already finished as accepting will start the battle right away.


  • Exp: 30,000 per member
  • Item: 100,000en
  • Bonus: Level cap raised by 10

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