Clawlord (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

Lord of the forest crabs. The average adventurer can't so much as

dent its though skin.

Enemy Data
HP 618
AT 289
DF 120
EXP 1756
Skills Wither
Items Gold Shell, Blue Blood
Weakness Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance Physical Attacks
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Clawlords are first encountered on B22F, and continue to be encountered through the rest of the stratum it resides in. Clawlords tends to be fought by themselves on the upper floors, being accompanied by more and tougher companions the farther down you go. Their attack power is notable, and their resistance to physical attacks apparent. They are especially Weak to the elements in return.

They can use a skill called Wither, which dispells 2 Status Buffs put on your party.

They Drop an item called Blue Blood, an item which you need 10 of as well as 5 Golden Fur to make an Azure Coat (DEF +38, AGI +5) and an Item required for a quest. It also drops the Gold Shell, which you need 10 of as well as 7 Space Husks to make a King Aspis (Shield, DEF+14, VIT+5)

Related Monsters Edit

Beetle Lord (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Beetle Lord
The king of insects It's sturdy shell can even deflect attacks directed toward its allies.
Enemy Data
HP 1120
AT 62
DF 62
EXP ???
Skills Shell Castle
Items Golden Shell
Weakness None
Resistance Slash, Pierce, Bash
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This beetle is encountered in the last maze, Hall of Darkness, like its fellow beetles it can soak up the damage for it's allies in battle. It's drop, Golden Shell is required to complete the QR Quest: The crying insect.

It has a continuous pattern of activating Shell Castle, (protecting an enemy ally) followed by a normal slash attack; that'll be your chance to attack other enemies.

Related MonstersEdit

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