The Berserker King is the first boss fought in Etrian Odyssey IV. It is encountered on B3F of the Lush Woodlands.

Berserker King (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Berserker King
Beserker KingEO4
A bear ruling over the Lush Woodlands' beasts. It bristles its fur and roars to shake the forest.
Enemy Data
HP 2380
AT 25
DF 17
EXP 5362
Skills Binding Voice, Rock Crusher, Berserker Rage
Items Berserker Claw, Berserker Skin (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance None
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The Berserker King is a magnificent beast who lives up to his name. There's no inherent trickery or hidden powers behind his moves. It's straight and to the point; which often means your face. The Berserker King is as his name implies the patriarch of the Lush Woodlands, and has the physique and power to back it up. He attacks with a strong variety of high powered moves, and is beatable around level 15. (Most probably more for inexperienced players)


When you pass through the doors leading to the Berserker King for the first time there will also be two Bloodbears in the room with him. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to fight him head on, as the two Bloodbears will come to his aid and will probably make the fight impossible to finish without massive over leveling. Instead, head to the South-Eastern corner of room where there is a honey scented log. Lure the Bloodbear to it and then proceed through the path he created. Follow the path on through and eventually you'll come back into the Beserker's room, but behind him. Heading west a short way will allow you to unlock a shortcut to return to this point much easier. Starting the battle from behind him prevents the Bloodbear from joining, and also gives you a preemptive strike. If you so desire, you can also just beat the Bloodbears individually so that they don't interfere, but that sort of destroys the point of avoiding the need to fight them.

The Berserker King has a wide array of many highly powered moves. The best ways to avoid them are to draw the hits into a Fortress, land an Arm Bind status with a Sniper, or Blind him with a Nightseeker. For pure damage against him use either the Landsknecht's Link skills or the Runemaster's damaging spells, as he's very weak to elemental damage. The Runemaster and Land actually synergize incredibly for this fight, as the basic runes allow both characters to exploit his weakness to even greater effect.

Occasionally the Berserker King will raise its arms and begin charging for an attack. He will not attack during the two turns he is charging, so focus on an all out offense. If you manage to deal a significant amount of damage to him he will lose his focus and be stunned for the turn. (It's possible that he spends the entire battle doing this, making for a potentially very easy fight, but do not count on this too much to win.)

When his health is low he will go into a rage and his strength will increase. It's easy to get caught off guard by this and lose, so be prepared. Keep your health up and defend when necessary.


  • Binding Voice (Uses head): Ranged untyped attack to the entire party, may stun.
  • Ruinous Strike (Uses arms): Slow melee cut attack to a row.
  • Rock Crusher (Uses arms): Melee bash attack to the entire party, may blind.
  • Counter (Uses arms): Retaliates with a physical attack when struck.
  • Arm Breaker (Uses arms): Strong bash attack to a single target, may bind arms.
  • Delay Charge (No limbs): Telegraphs Berserker Rage 2 turns later. Can be interrupted if it takes over 400 damage during this time period.
  • Berserker Rage (Uses arms): 3-5 strong melee cut attacks across different targets. Used only if Delay Charge goes uninterrupted.

Item DropsEdit

  • Berserker Claw
    • This sharp claw is abnormally developed.
    • 418 en
  • Berserker Skin (Conditional)
    • A large monsters bristly fur.
    • 10,000en
      • Condition: Defeat Berserker King on the first turn.
      • Unlocks: Mythic Nithsdale, a Runemaster specific cloth armor with relatively high defense.

Related MonstersEdit

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