Big Moths are, as the name implies, huge, dangerous flying insects with patterns on its wings and body that give these creatures a fear-inducing aspect. They are quite good at inflicting status problems by combining their scales and wing patterns. They often move in groups and live in places with caterpillar monsters. It is unknown if they are actually related to these caterpillars.

Great Moth (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

Great Moth
This dangerous moth's glands secrete poison, and its wings can stir up powerful gusts.
Enemy Data
HP 297
AT 33
DF 37
EXP 2678
Skills Scales, Feather
Items Plum Quill, Dark Lymph (Conditional)
Weakness Volt
Resistance None
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Great Moths are gigantic insects inhabiting the middle/high areas of the Petal Bridge, where they can be found in numbers as random encounters.

They may be frail, but their skills make up for that; Scales can confuse the entire party, which for itself can result in a game over, and Feather deals damage to the entire party.

Skills Edit

  • Scales (Uses ???):
  • Feather (Uses ???):

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get their Dark Lymph, kill them with elemental attacks.

Related MonstersEdit

Big Moth (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Big Moth
Big MothEO4
A large moth naturally drawn to battle. The scales it spread affect one's nervous system.
Enemy Data
HP 1518
AT 30
DF 26
EXP 8415
Skills Nerve Spores, Devour Ally, Mince
Items Violet Wing
Weakness Pierce, Ice
Resistance None
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The Big Moth appears in B1F and B2F of the Misty Ravine as well as Moth's Garden.

They cannot see the player and will not move unless they hear a battle going on nearby. If you take too long to defeat a group of regular monsters, a Big Moth will join the battle.

In battle, they may attempt to paralyze the front line with Nerve Spores, and tear apart party members with Mince. If any regular creatures are still in battle when they join, they will cannibalize them using Devour Ally, giving it more health.

Skills Edit

  • Nerve Spores (Uses Head): Attempts to paralyze a row of party members.
  • Devour Ally (Uses Head): Consumes other creatures to bestow physical attack boost.
  • Mince (Uses Arms): Inflicts Cut damage on random party members.

Related Monsters Edit

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