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Black Guardian
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Race N/A
Age Ancient
Gender Female
Relatives Deceased
Professional Details
Affiliation Yggdrasil Project
Voice Actors
English Erin Fitzgerald
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The Black Guardian is a seemingly supernatural entity that resides within the depths of Ginnungagap and is responsible for the sealing of the Yggdrasil Core of High Lagaard and the creation of the power of the Knight of Fafnir. The entity resides within the depths of Deep Ginnungagap.

History Edit

The Black Guardian was once a scientist who participated in the Yggdrasil Project a thousand years prior to the events of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold. She was also a research partner of the Overlord. In the project, she was a specialist in countermeasures to prevent any complications that involved the Yggdrasil Core.

In her research, she created the power of the Fafnir Knight in order to seal away the core to prevent its possible future rampage. She also developed a system possibly utilizing biochemistry to pass down that power through generations in order to preserve the technology and protect the world from the Core. But although she was aware that her technology was capable of great power, she never intended for the power of Fafnir to be used against the core to destroy it, since her research assured her that such a feat would be impossible.

The Black Guardian lived within the Heavenly Keep after the Yggdrasil Project was completed and continued to perfect her research with the power of Fafnir for a while. After the pollution dispersed and that it was deemed safe to return to the surface, the Black Guardian supposedly created the temple of Ginnungagap and manifested the power of the Fafnir Knight within it, starting the chain of Fafnir Knights and Daughters of the Mark that would follow the generations. After her life's work was done, she transferred her mind into the entity that was the Black Guardian, preserving her life and enabling her to oversee Ginnungagap and the transferring of the power of Fafnir Knight over the generations.