Bloodant (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

The evolved Deathant. It has similar abilities, but its strength is vastly enhanced.
Enemy Data
HP 800
AT 134
DF 58
EXP 650
Skills Acid
Items Steel Bone
Weakness Volt
Resistance Fire
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Bloodants are found roaming throughout the 3rd Stratum.

These Deathant-like creatures are FOEs that appear in the 11th and 12th floor in the Azure Rainforest.

In the 11th floor, they guard many pits, as well as the only road to get deeper during the first explorations.

These monsters help Royalant during it's battle, becoming even nastier than the actual boss, if they remain unattended.

Skills Edit

  • Acid (Uses Head): Decreases the speed of all party members.

Drops Edit

  • Steel Bone (Worth: 51 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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Blood Ant (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Blood Ant
The evolved Killer Ant. It has similar abilities, but its strength is vastly enhanced.
Enemy Data
HP 1586
AT 33
DF 28
EXP 4000
Skills Attack Unit
Items Black Carapace
Weakness Ice
Resistance Stab, Fire
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Blood Ants are FOEs found in the first two floors of the Azure Rainforest.

They patrol back and forth in a fixed line, and have a sight range of a 3x2 rectangle in front of them. Should one of the Blood Ants spot the party, all nearby Blood Ants and Servitor Ants will also turn aggressive and begin pursuing the player. However, they do not travel very far out of their patrol route.

Across B12F, the party also encounters ant eggs which regularly spawn Blood Ants. Destroying the eggs will cause all ants spawned by it to flee the area without putting up a fight.

In-battle, they have a rather simple behaviour, using Attack Unit to raise their offenses before striking with normal attacks. The problem is when multiple Blood Ants and Servitor Ants join the fight due to them attacking in groups, as they will keep buffs up while overwhelming the party. Bring methods to help withstand physical attacks if you intend to take on a group of them.


  • Attack Unit (Uses Head): Raises physical attack of all allies for 3 turns.

Drops Edit

  • Black Carapace (Worth: 481 en).

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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