Bloody Knuckle (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Bloody Knuckle
A beast thoroughly tainted by hatred. It will not cease punching until its opponent stops twitching.
Enemy Data
HP 1208
AT 50
DF 46
EXP 6853
Skills Cross Counter, Boomerang Hook
Items Bloody Fist
Weakness None
Resistance Fire
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Found on in the secret area of BF3 in the Echoing Library entered through the Forgotten Capital. Every even turn, it uses Cross Counter, which will retaliate against any damage with a power counterattack unless its arms are bound.

Skills Edit

  • Cross Counter (Uses Arms): Assumes counterstance, retaliating with Bash damage if hit during this turn.
  • Boomerang Hook (Uses Arms): Inflicts Bash damage on a row of party members, with a chance to inflict Leg Bind.

Related MonstersEdit

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