Bog Lurker (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Bog Lurker
Bog lurker
A gigantic insect that lives in clusters in the depths of the 1st Stratum.
Enemy Data
HP 822
AT 19
DF 18
EXP 2564
Skills Life Absorb, Defend
Items Prying Needle
Weakness Bash, Plague, Poison
Resistance Binds, Sleep, Confusion, Blind, Curse, Death, Petrification, Stun
Immune None
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Bog Lurker is another FOE that can be found on B4F, but they will only appear after confronting Narmer.

They will wander about in straight line in the room after Narmer runs away for the first time. Luckily, they will not chase you. After defeating Narmer, they will remain in the room as routine FOEs.

They aren't much of a challenge, being weaker than other FOEs you have met thus far. Their main objective is to weaken you for Narmer to finish off. While their attack power is lacking, they have high defense, which they can increase even further using Defend. Aside from that, they have no weakness aside from Bash, forcing you to waste TP on it or limit by running away. On top of that, once its HP gets below half, it starts using Life Absorb, dealing high damage and recovering its HP by half the damage dealt.

The best way to defeat it is using elemental attacks, with your zodiac preferably, or with an arbalist, although the damage is much lower. Overall, its recommended to avoid it on your first fight against Narmer, and come back later to fight these.

Skills Edit

  • Life Absorb (Uses Head): Deals damage to one party member and heals itself for the damage.
  • Defend (Uses Head): Increases the physical defense for 3 turns.

Drops Edit

  • Prying Needle (Worth: 150 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None