Bounding Beast (Etrian Odyssey IV) Edit

Bounding Beast
Bounding Beast (EOIV)
A giant beast that bounds across the plains as if it owns them. Its child is still taller than a man.
Enemy Data
HP 1289
AT 24
DF 18
EXP 2011
Skills Boomerang Hook, Jet Uppercut
Items Kangaroo Fist
Weakness Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance None
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The Bounding Beast is the first FOE the player will come across as they traverse the Windy Plains in their airship. There are three on the western side of the map and one in the center. They can be avoided simply by flying over water and staying to the east or lured away by dropping the local vegetables.

The player should have little difficulty defeating a Bounding Beast around level 17.

Skills Edit

  • Boomerang Hook (Uses Arms): Melee bash attack to a line, may bind legs.
  • Jet Uppercut (Uses Arms): Melee bash attack to a party member, may paralyze.

Drops Edit

  • Kangaroo Fist (Worth: 237 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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