In order for the evacuation of the Empire to be safe, the Great Dragon must be defeated. The city needs your help!


Quest GuideEdit

Your mission is nothing less than to slay the Great Dragon. Keep in mind this is one of the strongest monsters in the game. On its first turn it will attack with Searing Breath; which can completely obliterate your entire party even with a high amount of resistances; however, the damage from it can be brought down to the single digits by equipping a Fire Charm, using a Runemaster's Fire Rune, and eating the Golden Egg found north of the Dragon's lair.

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.

Just west of the Great Dragon you can find Baldur the Imperial Prince. If you talk to him he will join you for the duration of the battle. He has most of the Imperial Skills, and comes at level 70. He's very powerful and his Drive Blade skills will knock out large chunks of its health at a time. Make sure any preparations you needed to do are taken care of BEFORE speaking with him, as accepting his help automatically starts the battle.

Due to Baldur's assistance, the Great Dragon is perhaps the easiest to defeat out of the three, so it is recommended that this quest be completed first in order to raise the level cap.


  • Exp: 30,000 per member
  • Item: 100,000en
  • Bonus: (Killing the Dragon raises your level cap by 10)

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