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Brouni is one of the four races for characters in Etrian Odyssey V. This dwarflike race is most attuned with nature, and uses the forces of nature or their medical knowledge to aid the adventurers in the labyrinth. Brounies have respectable growth in Intelligence, Wisdom, Vitality, and Agility, but in the process sacrifice Strength and Luck.


During creation, Brounies default to Botanists and Shamans. Their well-rounded stat growth factors into them defaulting to support classes, allowing them to keep the party in good shape without being so fragile as to be downed too quickly.

Their stat growth makes them favour magic-oriented classes like Warlocks and Necromancers. Brounies in those classes are a little faster and more durable than their Celestrian counterparts without losing much in magic offense, but they also lose out in ailment accuracy.

Stat ProgressionEdit

1 51 53 8 15 14 20 14 12
10 72 75 12 23 21 28 20 17
20 97 100 16 32 29 38 28 23
30 126 130 22 42 38 50 37 31
70 263 270 47 93 82 106 80 65
99 395 406 72 142 125 160 122 99

Race SkillsEdit

Skill Description Type Requires
Analyze Registers one enemy's details into the Monstrous Codex during battle. Union (1) Automatic
Double Attack Two allies attack one enemy with their equipped weapons. Union (2)
Full Retreat High chance to escape from battle and return to the floor's entrance. Union (3)
Mana Heal Slightly restores TP to the party. Union (4)
Guard Order Decreases damage to the party for one turn. Union (2) None
Zephyr's Grace May restore a small amount of TP when using a Base Skill in battle. Passive
Take Increases material yield from taking. Field
Animal Care Allows tending to farm animals that you encounter during your journey. Passive
Superspeed Increases act speed of the party for one turn. Union (3) Character Lv5
Resilience Slightly resists curse, petrify, sleep, panic, paralysis, poison, and blind. Passive
Fishing Allows catching fish at certain spots in the labyrinth. Field
Herbology Increases the potency of HP recovery items used by this adventurer in battle. Passive
Forbidden Rite Extends the duration of all active buffs and debuffs by one turn. Union (3) Character Lv10
Sorting Skill Increases inventory space by 5. Can stack. Also slightly increases VIT. Passive
Anatta Barrier Slightly increases resistance to fire, ice, and volt. Passive
Reflexes Avoid tough spots with quick reflexes. Also slightly increases evasion. Passive
Hygieia's Bowl Fully restores the party's HP, even from death. Also removes status ailments. Union (4) Character Lv15
Bodybuilding Slightly increases STR and VIT. Stat Up
Cardio Slightly increases AGI and LUC. Stat Up
Talent Slightly increases INT and WIS. Stat Up
Aegis Shield Nullifies all attacks to the party for one turn. Union (5) Character Lv20
Zephyr's Gift May restore a small amount of TP when using a Master skill in battle. Passive
Haggle Reduces cost of shop items by 5%. Does not stack. Also slightly increases WIS. Passive
Gourmet Double the amount of HP/TP recovered from consuming food. Passive

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