These descendants of pirates learned to fight in gangs, supporting each other rather than dueling.
In-Game Description, Etrian Odyssey III

A lightweight combatant boasting superior speed, the Buccaneer is a quirky fighter in Etrian Odyssey III. They are the only class in the game that can use Guns by default, though they aren't like the Gunners from Etrian Odyssey II, but instead operate like a niche Landsknecht. Using Guns and Rapiers, they can fight well on either the front or back row with equal success while wearing Medium Armor. They deal incredible damage in their own right, but not exactly on their own power.


Buccaneers have somewhat shabby defense and sub-par HP, so they will need a moderate amount of protection or medical attention depending on the situation. They excel in speed and hit-quota, and provide a supple base class, thanks to Trickster.

Their entire gimmick revolves around their Chase skills, one for each damage type (Rapiers for physical types and Guns for elemental damage). This allows them to follow up any attacks made of that type with their own. It should be noted that these count as Chase attacks, not normal attacks. Kubikiri, Stun Attack and other weapon skills will not activate, but forged effects may still take effect (so go forge death on all the weapons). The best way to use a Buccaneer would be to Chase multiple-foe-hitting units, either hit random or hit all. Chasing random hits would be most effective for single targets while chasing all hits would be good for multiple foes.

A minor drawback is that Buccaneers get specific Chase skills for each weapon and that there is a limit to chasing. The way this works is that each time a chase occurs, the percentage to chase again drops an amount based on level, starting at 100%. When it drops below 0%, the Buccaneer cannot chase again.

Another route would be building up towards Swashbuckling, a passive skill that can land a max of 3 times though the main problem is the skill point investment. As a plus, Swashbuckling can be used with any weapon, allowing for interesting subclass options. Along that same vein, Pincushion requires maxed skill levels with both masteries and operates on the Buccaneer's agility, which is fairly high. This method requires little TP (but a lot of SP) and can take formidable skills to the limit (Shogun Second Sword with Swashbuckling, Kubikiri, Stun Attacks and Wild Swings).

On the not-so-gimmicky side of things, they have access to Eagle Eye, Lights Out and Hanging, good for lowering enemy defence, blinding and head-binding respectively (Lights Out and Hanging are Rapier skills). Gun Buccaneers get Quick Draw and Rapid Fire, two random hit skills.

The primary drawback of Buccaneers is the amount of devotion that is required to reach the whole "murder everything" status that most people dream about and the whole "being murdered" angle of their existence. "Buyers beware" indeed.

Stat ProgressionEdit

Does not include any stat bonuses from skills, equipment, Books, or Retirement.

1 43 22 7 5 6 8 9
35 206 107 28 27 25 34 24
70 374 195 50 49 45 61 39
99 479 249 63 63 58 78 49

Skill TreeEdit

Skill Description Type Requirements
Trickster A buccaneer skill that recovers TP when using attack skills. Class -----
Rapier Mastery Prerequisite for rapier skills that raises rapier damage dealt. Mastery -----
Lights Out Rapier: A pierce attack that may blind the enemy. Rapier Rapier Mastery Lv1
Chase Saber Rapier: Perform a follow-up attack to an ally's slash attack. Rapier Rapier Mastery Lv3
Chase Blow Rapier: Perform a follow-up attack to an ally's strike attack.
Chase Thrust Rapier: Perform a follow-up attack to an ally's pierce attack.
Hanging Rapier: A pierce attack that may bind the enemy's head. Rapier Rapier Mastery Lv5
Gun Mastery Prerequisite for gun skills that raises gun damage dealt. Mastery -----
Quick Draw Gun: Random pierce damage done to all enemies at the start of a turn. Gun Gun Mastery Lv1
Chase Flame Gun: Follow-up an ally's fire-based attack with a gunshot. Gun Gun Mastery Lv3
Chase Ice Gun: Follow-up an ally's ice-based attack with a gunshot.
Chase Volt Gun: Follow-up an ally's volt-based attack with a gunshot.
Rapid Fire Gun: A piercing attack that fires 3 bullets at once at one enemy. Gun Gun Mastery Lv5
Swashbuckling Normal attacks may strike multiple times. Passive Rapier Mastery Lv8
Gun Mastery Lv8
Pincushion Rapier/Gun: Random pierce attacks boosted by the user's agility. Gun/Rapier Rapier Mastery Lv10
Gun Mastery Lv10
Lady Luck Normal attacks have a higher probability of being critical. Passive -----
Eagle Eye Lowers one enemy's physical defense for three turns. Special -----
Limit Boost The limit guage will increase faster. Passive Lady Luck Lv3
Eagle Eye Lv3
Troublemaker Raises the encounter rate briefly. Search -----

Subclass Options Edit

Gladiator: Charge and Berserker Vow are every physical DPS' best friend. Make those Pincushions hurt!

Ninja: Bushin is good for basically everyone. If you've got an empty front row slot then having one copy (re)apply Eagle Eye while the other benefits from it can lead to some real decent numbers. TP can be a problem, though.

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