Burst Skills are a mechanic in Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, being a parallel to Limits from Etrian Odyssey III.

These are powerful skills that use up parts of the Burst Gauge, are almost always the first to execute (even faster than rare breed enemies), and can support the party in a large number of ways. Like Limits, they are taught through key items that are gained from chests or as quest rewards, and the strength of the Burst Skill is tied into whoever initiates the skill. Triggering a Burst Skill also does not use up the character's turn, so a character can still act after the Burst Skill has taken effect.

The Burst Gauge takes similarities to the Boost, Force, and Limit Gauges in the previous 3 games in that party members taking actions fill up the Burst Gauge. The Gauge can fill up to 5 times, and using a Burst Skill will consume how much of the Burst Gauge has been stored up. If the Burst Skills in question are cheap enough, multiple party members can each trigger a Burst Skill themselves.

At first, a party can only equip 2 Burst Skills at once, but doing certain quests for the Guildmaster will also increase the number of Burst Skill slots for the party. Equipped Burst Skills are accessible to everyone in the party, as opposed to a single party member needing to equip their Limit skills in EO3.

List of Burst SkillsEdit

Item Name Skill Name Cost Description Location
Book of Flight Full Retreat 3 Guaranteed escape from battle, places the party at the floor's entrance. Initial
Pranayama Guide Calm Breath 1 Restores HP to user. Quest reward - Mist Monster
Zoologics Analyze 1 Adds target monster's info to the Codex. Misty Ravine B1F
Skill: Dual Fangs Double Slash 2 2 strong ranged cut attacks to 1 target. Initial
Spell: Flame Wall Flame Wall 2 Strong ranged fire attack to 1 line. Reach the Vessels' Village in Misty Ravine
Rich Hare's Gift Holy Gift 3 50% more experience from the battle. Cannot stack. Quest reward - Small Flowers needed!
Fast Hare's Gift Superspeed 2 Raises party's turn speed this turn. Quest reward - Investigational support
Spell: Black Mist Black Mist 2 Extends duration of all ailments/binds currently on all enemies. Cannot stack. Misty Ravine B3F
Spear Tactics Charge Order 3 Party inflicts 30% more damage this turn. Noisy Marsh
Shield Tactics Guard Order 3 Party takes 30% less damage this turn. Initial
Spell: Ice Coffin Ice Coffin 3 Strong ranged ice attack to 1 enemy. Quest reward - Lost: one ring
Protection I Aegis Guard 3 Nullifies physical damage to the party this turn. Quest reward - Rise of the Baboons
Protection II Aegis Ward 3 Nullifies elemental damage to the party this turn. Cramped Nest
Skill: Star Fall Falling Stars 4 Multiple ranged bash attacks across all enemies randomly. Reach Sentinel Village
Cloudy Records Triumph Song 4 Party does 30% more damage and takes 30% less damage this turn. Forgotten Capital
Skill: Slash God Swipe Slash 4 Powerful ranged cut attack to all enemies, chance of instant death. Speak with Kibagami at Golden Lair B3F
Ill Star Chart Spectral Cage 4 May completely bind 1 enemy. Golden Deer Keep
True Protection Aegis Shield 4 Nullifies all damage to the party this turn. Hall of Darkness B1F
Spell: Zeus' Wrath Zeus' Wrath 4 Multiple ranged volt attacks across all enemies randomly. South Sanctuary
Astrologic Terror Geo Impact 5 Powerful bash attack to all enemies, guaranteed stun. Defeat Logre at Echoing Library B3F
Might of Stars Supernova 5 Powerful untyped attack to all enemies. Quest reward - Defeat the Fallen One
Snake and Bowl Hygieia's Bowl 5 Revives all fallen party members, fully restores party's HP, and removes their binds and ailments. Forgotten Capital, need quest - Key for the Capital