Cactoid (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

A cactus that envolved into a monster over the years. It attacks with sharp needles.
Enemy Data
HP 90
AT 13
DF 10
EXP 314
Skills Needles
Items Cactus Pin, Cactus Log
Weakness Fire
Resistance None
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Cactoids are first encountered on 2F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

On their own they do not pose a significant threat. The activation rate for Needles is quite low and apart from that they have no special features. If they appear alongside other monsters, (Hedgehog and Woodmai excluded) it is advised to face the Cactoid last.

Skills Edit

  • Needles (Uses ???):

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related Monsters Edit

Attack Cactus (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Attack Cactus
A predator whose body is covered in sharp needles.
Enemy Data
HP 6610
AT 27
DF 23
EXP 5800
Skills Revenge Needle, Double Needle
Items Cactus Spine, Fleeting Thorn (conditional), Dragon Fruit (ingredient)
Weakness Bash, Fire, Sleep
Resistance Ice, Volt, Stun, Death, Petrify
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Attack Cacti are FOEs first encountered on floor 9F of the Auburn Thicket. They are aggressive, pursuing the player should they be in the same room, but are also vulnerable to damage tiles. Should they step on one, they will take damage and begin retreating, stopping for a few turns to recuperate before pursuing the player again.

In-battle, its most aggravating move is Revenge Needle, which lets it counter any physical attack that hits it during the turn it is used. Its other offenses are not as threatening. Non-physical attacks will also not trigger Revenge Needle, and Parry and any accuracy/evasion effects can potentially neutralize it. Be careful as the Attack Cactus may, at low health, being to use Revenge Needle more randomly and potentially multiple time in a row.


  • Double Needle (uses arms): 2 ranged stab attacks to 1 party member.
  • Revenge Needle (uses arms): Physical attack to the party for each physical attack taken this turn.

Conditional DropEdit

To get the Fleeting Thorn, defeat the Attack Cactus in one turn. This, when sold to the shop, provides the Lucky Scarab item.