Calm King
A mutated giant turtle.
Enemy Data
HP 4028
AT 53
DF 56
EXP ???
Skills Mow Down, Emperor Guard, Charge
Items Thorny Shell
Weakness Ice
Resistance Physical Attacks
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Calm Kings are related to the Plated Chasers, and appear on B3F of the Golden Lair in the hidden area accessed via the Echoing Library.

Not as annoying as Plated Chasers, but they have a similar strategy. At a bit more than half health, they'll start raising their elemental and physical defenses with their ability. The best counter is the Bushi class's Roar, but otherwise, just focus on having enough health and a bit of patience, and you'll be all right. It's recommended that you Defend when they use Charge, since a charged Mow Down can do a very significant amount of damage.


  • Mow Down (Uses Arms): Inflicts Bash damage on a row of party members.
  • Emperor Guard (Uses Arms): Raises physical and elemental defenses.
  • Charge (Uses Head): Powers up next attack.

Related MonstersEdit

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