Aman's InnEdit

Game Manual Description: "Explorers can rest here to heal HP and TP, as well as save their games. You can also store or remove your belongings for a fee."

Run by: Edie Aman

Napier's FirmEdit

Game Manual Description: "Buy and sell items and equipment here. As you sell items you find in the Labyrinth, more goods will become available to buy."

Butterfly BistroEdit


Butterfly Bistro

Game Maunal Description: "The barkeep has a variety of quests to offer. By completeing these quests, you will recieve various rewards."

Run by: Missy

Explorer's GuildEdit

Game Manual Description: "A gathering place for explorers. You can register and organize guild members here."

Inver PortEdit

Game Manual Description: "From here, you can set sail and explore the ocean., take on wireless sea quests with friends, and set your DS to passive transfer mode."

Via SenatusEdit

Game Manual Description: "Take on missions related to the game's story, or log any monsters or items you discover."

Run by: Senator Flowdia

Forest EntranceEdit

Game Manual Description: "This is where you can enter the Labyrinth."

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