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Celestrians (Japanese name Lunaria) are one of the 4 races in Etrian Odyssey V. Hailing from the Tower of Sorcery in the snowy country of Sidonia in the north, these elven casters possess the highest Intelligence and TP growth out of all 4 classes, at the cost of HP, Vitality, and Agility.


During creation, Celestrians default to Warlocks and Necromancers. Given the heavy spellcasting focus in these two classes, their massive TP reserves and great Intelligence makes them excellent magic damage dealers. Their Luck growth is no slouch, either, which works into the ailment-inducing skills available to those classes.

Their stat spread also makes them ideal for classing into Botanists and Shamans, though doing so, in comparison to the Brouni in those classes, trades some durability, healing effectiveness, and speed for better TP stamina. Further, their reasonable Luck growth helps in inflicting ailments with Smoke skills from the Botanist, and their higher Intelligence increases damage from any INT-based attacks.

Stat ProgressionEdit

1 47 61 12 20 8 17 11 15
10 66 86 17 28 13 24 16 22
20 88 114 24 37 18 32 22 31
30 114 148 31 49 25 42 29 42
70 237 305 68 101 57 88 62 90
99 356 457 103 152 89 133 95 138

Race SkillsEdit

Skill Description Type Requires
Analyze Registers one enemy's details into the Monstrous Codex during battle. Union (1) Automatic
Double Attack Two allies attack one enemy with their equipped weapons. Union (2)
Full Retreat High chance to escape from battle and return to the floor's entrance. Union (3)
Mana Heal Slightly restores TP to the party. Union (4)
Enchant Imbues fire/ice/volt to the party's weapons for one turn. Union (1) None
Lunar Grace May restore a small amount of TP when using a Base Skill in battle. Passive
Chop Increases material yield from chopping Field
Detect Mana Finds anything magical nearby. Also slightly increases INT. Passive
Game Changer Transfers status ailments/ binds from one ally onto all enemies. Union (2) Character Lv5
Anatomy Increases enemy drop rate. Can stack. Also slightly increases INT. Passive
Night Vision Lets you see clearly in the dark. Also slightly increases accuracy. Passive
Gourmet Doubles the amount of HP/TP recovered from consuming food. Passive
Hex For one turn, fire/ice/volt attacks may inflict a status ailment. Union (3) Character Lv10
Imbue Boosts damage dealt by attack items. Also slightly increases LUC. Passive
Resilience Slightly resists curse, petrify, sleep, panic, paralysis, poison, and blind. Passive
Anatta Barrier Slightly increases resistance to fire, ice, and volt. Passive
Tri-Magic Casts long-ranged fire, ice, and volt attacks on all enemies. Union (4) Character Lv15
Bodybuilding Slightly increases STR and VIT. Stat Up
Cardio Slightly increases AGI and LUC. Stat Up
Talent Slightly increases INT and WIS. Stat Up
Chain Blast Attacks and binds all enemies with a long-ranged, non-elemental blast. Union (5) Character Lv20
Lunar Gift May restore a small amount of TP when using a Master skill in battle. Passive
Animal Care Allows tending to farm animals that you encounter during your journey. Passive
Focus May prevent being put to sleep. Passive

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