As you continue through the twining foliage, you reach a small natural clearing. In its center stands a grotesque monster, unlike any you have yet seen. Its gaze falls upon you, and you feel an overwhelming aura as it lopes foward. It can be none other than Cernunos, King of Jungle! Stand and slay the demon!
Game introduction of Cernunos, Etrian Odyssey

Cernunnos (also known as Cernunos) is the second boss of Etrian Odyssey, and its remake, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, fought on Primitive Jungle's deepest floor, B10F (The forest's Silent King).

This powerful beast takes form of a colossal, humanoid beast with the head of a maned goat. It also boasts a pair of enormous horns, which he constantly uses in his assaults. He can also resort to his powerful arms, in order to land multiple, devastating blows. When backed into a corner, he will resort to his most dangerous ability, a Gaze, deep into the attackers soul, completely destroying it. He also can summon Curollers, that will do their best in order to protect their king.

Cernunos (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Ruler of the Primitive Jungle. Named for an ancient horned god

who watched over nature.

Enemy Data
HP 2750
AT 170
DF 69
EXP 8000
Skills Hornrush, Combo, Whirlhit
Items Sharp Horn, Royal Mane
Weakness Volt
Resistance Binding, Status, Nulls OHKO
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Cernunos isn't much of a challenge, if you know what you are doing. As always, bring someone with Immunize or Defender (both is recommended, but not extremely necessary).

He will start the fight by summoning two Curollers. Don't kill both of them! If you do, Cernunos will start using a unavoidable one-hit kill attack called Gaze, and since means of reviving characters are rare at this point, you must avoid this at all the costs. Always keep one Curoller alive.

Cernunos is a bit of a defensive boss. While his attacks are powerful, the Curollers keep a defensive boost on him, and heal it for 120HP every turn. This means you must have a good way to deal damage to him, else this battle will last very long.

Cernunos most common attack, Hornrush deals heavy damage to a target. It can be deadly without the proper defensive boosts, so be careful. Combo, while hitting two targets, is much less threatening due to the lower power. Whirlhit is much more uncommon, dealing damage a bit lower than combo, to the whole party. Can be a bit of a annoyance if undefended, so be careful. As previously mentioned, he can use the Gaze skill to instantly kill a target, but he only uses it when alone. When it HP gets low (around 20% the max amount) it will start using its most dangerous skill, Counter. It deals very heavy damage to anyone who hits him with physical attacks. This damage often gets past 100HP, and can't be reduced by Immunize or Defender. If you want to play safe, resort to volt magic once its HP gets low.

Like Fenrir, if you can cast both Defender and Immunize, Cernunos' attacks will barely scratch you, so your best bet is to focus on the offensive side during this fight. If you only have one of those, while its not much to worry about, always keep an eye on your HP.

For the offensive, don't use skills like multihit or all-slash, they may end up killing the Curollers, something you don't want to happen. Your best bet for damage is, once again, the alchemists. Thunder can deal a lot of damage to Cernunos, and if you link it with a Shocker, the damage will easily surpass the Curoller healing ability. Apollon, with a good level and good equips, can deal around 200 damage, or 400 if boosted. Smite is a good one too, dealing around 100+ HP damage to the boss. Boosted Bravery is a great option if using a troubadour, the damage boost is awesome. Taranis is also helpful, as it reduces the boss resistance to volt. If you cant rely on skills, Shock is helpful too. If using a Dark Hunter, binding its arms can stop most of its skills (not counter though). If you bind its head, Gaze will be rendered useless, meaning you can freely kill the Curollers, although its a little risky.

Skills: Edit

  • Combo (Uses ???): Deals medium damage to two targets.
  • Hornrush (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to the target.
  • Whirlhit (Uses ???): Deals medium damage to the whole party (needs confirmation)
  • Gaze (Uses ???): Kill the target instantly. Uses when both Curollers are dead.
  • Counter (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to anyone who lands a physical hit. Uses when low HP.

It will start the battle by summonings Curollers. If both Curollers are dead, it will summon them back right away unless its HP is below 25% or (but not and) your party has defense buffs on, in which case it will either use Gaze or Whirlhit. If at least one Curoller is still alive (or if both are dead, but both Cernunos's HP is below 25% and your party has defense buffs on), it will use Combo if it has taken a multiple of five turns, otherwise it will use Hornrush or Combo (with a small chance of normal attack) at above 50% HP (after checking for binds; here it won't use Combo if its head is bound, and it will use Glare or Hornrush if its arm is bound), or either Counter or Hornrush at below 50% HP.

Cernunnos (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

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Ruler of the Primitive Jungle. Named for an ancient horned god who watched over nature.
Enemy Data
HP 6880
AT 30
DF 20
EXP 21000
Skills Silent Stare, Combo Smash, Hurricane Punch
Items Sharp Horn, Cursed Arm
Weakness Volt
Resistance Fire
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Cernunnos makes his debut in Etrian Odyssey Untold, still serving as the second stratum boss. Unlike in the original game, the strategy on defeating him is completely reversed: the Healing Rollers are summoned when he is at half HP and should be removed as fast as possible as Cernunnos no longer has access to an instant death attack.

Cernunnos's damaging moves are very physically oriented. A Protector with Defender is very useful in mitigating his damage output. Binding his arms would make the battle much easier as it would nullify his strongest moves: Combo Smash, Cross Counter and Hurricane Punch.

Every 5th turn, Cernunnos will use Cross Counter, which allows it to retaliate each time it gets hit by a physical attack this turn. Mind the turn counts at those times, and spend those turns either attacking the Rollers or buffing and healing the party.

Again, once the Healing Rollers are summoned, get rid of them as fast as possible, lest they further extend the battle by increasing Cernunnos's Elemental Defense with Holy Veil or recovering his HP with Cure.

Skills: Edit

  • Combo Smash: Melee, splashing Bash attack to a target.
  • Cross Counter: This turn, deals heavy damage to anyone that lands a physical hit.
  • Horn Rush: Medium physical damage to one target.
  • Hurricane Punch: Melee Bash attack to entire party. May cause Paralysis.
  • Silent Stare: May bind entire party's head.
  • Summon: Healing Roller: Summons two Healing Rollers at the back row. Uses when HP is below half.
    • Cure: Heals Cernunnos for a moderate amount.
    • Holy Veil: Raises whole enemy party's Elemental Defense.

Conditional Drop: Edit

  • In order to acquire its conditional drop, the Cursed Arm, it needs to kill itself with Curse damage. Killing it while Cursed will not yield the drop. The Cursed Arm unlocks the Demon Mail, the strongest armor available to Landsknetchs.

Related Monsters Edit

Cernunnos (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

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The king of beasts, with a human body and the head of a terrible monster.
Enemy Data
HP 20000
AT 94
DF 70
EXP 200000
Skills Silent Stare, Combo Smash, Hurricane Punch, Cross Counter, Horn Rush
Items None
Weakness Volt, Poison
Resistance Fire, Stun, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Paralyze, Arm Bind
Immune Death, Petrify, Panic, Leg Bind
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Cernunnos is the second of the bosses fought in sequence in the downloadable quest Treasures Untold.

Like Fenrir before him, Cernunnos is massively beefed up, gaining a mountain of HP and stats to go toe-to-toe with postgame parties. He also begins the fight with 2 Healing Rollers behind him, which must be eliminated immediately as they can heal him for over 2000 HP each and needlessly prolong the battle - troublesome, since there are 5 more bosses to go without a chance to rest. The Healing Rollers are vulnerable to sleep, though, so that ailment can prove to be handy when incapacitating them.

Otherwise, the battle should be largely the same as in EOU. Bear in mind that Cernunnos now uses Cross Counter on every 4th turn.


  • Horn Rush (uses head): Bash attack to 1 target.
  • Silent Stare (uses head): May bind heads of entire party.
  • Combo Smash (uses arms): Bash attack with splash damage.
  • Hurricane Punch (uses arms): Bash attack to the entire party, may paralyze
  • Cross Counter (uses arms): Counters all physical attacks this turn with a bash attack to the attacker.



  • Cernunnos is a Celtic deity, believed to be the guardian of the nature.

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