Chameleon King (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Chameleon King
The leader of chameleons, with advanced camouflage. Even brave men lose their nerve as its sudden lick.
Enemy Data
HP 5100
AT 45
DF 39
EXP ???
Skills Lick, Icicle Jail, Poison Spit
Items Colorful Skin, Colorful Tongue (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance Ice
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The Chameleon King is an optional boss that appears in the South Sanctuary during the quest Mission from the Count.

The battle begins with two Lizard Retainers in the front row. The Retainers and King are weak to poison, which will hurt and knock out their camouflage, so having a Nightseeker with Venom Throw will make this battle easier. A Sniper can also attack when they are hidden. Binding their legs before they camouflage cancels out the effect when it is finally active and allows them to get hit by any attack regardless.

Unlike most Chameleon enemies before him, the Chameleon King will stay in Camouflage longer than one turn. Attacking the King and missing causes him to automatically counter with an ice attack for each individual hit. This can be troublesome for slower party members as he can end up Camouflaging before anybody can act, and then subsequently letting lose with a series of counter attacks. This can be especially devastating when using multihit attacks, such as Galvanize or Squall Volley, as each individual attack will cause a counter strike and can easily kill a party member in one turn. A way of preventing the Chameleon to Camouflage is to bind his head. Since the King will keep up the Camouflage for a long period of time, if you were unable to poison or bind him or are unable to drop a non-counterable Circle ability, you will have to sit and wait for him to drop out of it, which can be annoying if your characters are fully buffed. As with every Chameleon, he usually breaks his own Camouflage with an ice attack. In addition, he can use Poison Spit to inflict poison on the entire party.

The Chameleon King can summon more retainers when the first two are defeated.

Conditional DropEdit

In order to get the Colorful Tongue. you must defeat the Chameleon King with ice.

A high level party (70+) with a Landsknecht (Freezing Link), Nightseeker (Ice Knife) and Runemaster (Glacier Rune (for multiple hits to work with Freezing Link's chaser)) should be able to do this with very little difficulty, in spite of his resistance to ice.

Related MonstersEdit

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