A character's status, found under the Status tab, shows the status of the character as the name implies. It shows the character's name, level, class, equipped items, and how much EXP is needed until the next level are shown on this screen, as well as their statuses.

Name Meaning What It Does
HP Health Points The amount of health. When it reaches 0, the character has died.
TP Technical Points The amount of magic. Skills need TP in order to be used.
STR Strength Increases physical attack damage.
TEC Technical Increases TP and/or elemental damage/defense.
VIT Vitality Increases HP and/or physical defense.
AGI Agility Increases speed and/or evasion.
LUC Luck Increases chance of critical hits or successfully landing ailments/binds.
Boost For the turn, raises the strength of attacks or skills.
ATK Attack The amount of physical attack.
DEF Defense The amount of physical defense.

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