As you step into the room, a dreadful presence sends a chill down your spine. You cannot see its source, but there is palpable menace among the low trees and piled stones. There can be no doubt that this is Chimaera's den! Draw your weapons and press onward.
Description of Chimaera's lair, Etrian Odyssey II

Chimaera is the first stratum boss of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard, and its remake, fought on 5F (The King's Roar Sounds).

This beast, born of the fusion of many others, is the first big challenge the heroes will face in order to find the floating castle. It has the ability to control weaker beasts, and can summon powerful beast from stratas above its own in order to protect its territory. Its attack has fiery properties and can attack with its sharp claws and poison its victims.

Chimaera (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

A horror born of fusing other animals together. It attracts

monsters and blocks traveler's way.

Enemy Data
HP 1400
AT 22
DF 22
EXP 21000
Skills Pile, Blaze, 2-hit
Items Brute Tail, Brute Wing (Conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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If you take too long to kill the Chimaera, Slaveimps will join the fight.

Skills Edit

  • Pile (Uses Legs):
  • Blaze (Uses Head):
  • 2-Hit (Uses Arms):

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To get the Chimaera's conditional drop, the Brute Wing, kill it whilst it's poisoned.

Chimaera (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

A horror born from the fusion of various creatures. It leads the charge in combat.
Enemy Data
HP 8220
AT 21
DF 17
EXP 4000
Skills Snake Pile, Great Blaze, Double Strike, Menacing Roar
Items Brutal Tail, Poison Wing (conditional)
Weakness Ice, Sleep, Leg Bind
Resistance Stun, Poison
Immune Death, Petrify
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Chimaera returns in the remake, keeping its role as the first stratum boss. The fight remains mostly the same, but the boss is no longer aided by Slaveimps, instead being flanked by two Vampire Bats. Killing them beforehand makes the battle a lot easier.

The room where Chimaera resides is dotted by several traps. Leading Chimaera into these will weaken him, lowering his health each time he falls into one and causing the boss to move slower on the map. If you activate all the traps, the boss will have roughly half of its health left when starting the fight thus making the fight much easier. Also, if all the traps are activated, it is possible for the beast's legs to be bound, preventing its deadliest attack, Snake Pile, altogether.

Chimaera's main attack is Blaze, a fire attack that deals damage to a target and splash damage to the adjacent characters. Its most dangerous attack, however, is Snake Pile, which deals heavy damage, pierces across the front and back rows, and inflicts poison on the targets. The damage, couple with the poison is often fatal, and having means to counter this is very important to survive. Double Strike deals heavy damage to two random targets. Menacing Roar is also a dangerous attack, as it lowers the defense of the entire party.

Having means to avoid poison is crucial for this battle. Having accessories that protect you against it, eating food from the restaurant that offer resistance to it or an Sovereign with Prevent Order will keep you safe from it. Chimaera is weak against ice, striking him with that element is the easiest way to inflict damage. Buffing your attack and defense, or debuffing the boss is also important, as the Chimaera has a lot of health, considerably high defenses and can lower your defenses with one of his attacks. Binding its legs is helpful, as it stops Chimaera from using Snake Pile, it's most dangerous attack. Binding its head blocks Blaze on the other hand.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get its conditional drop, Poison Wing, you must kill Chimaera with poison damage. Killing it while it's poisoned will NOT suffice.

Skills Edit

  • Snake Pile (Uses legs): Line-piercing stab attack, may poison.
  • Great Blaze (Uses head): Strong fire attack with splash effect.
  • Double Strike (Uses arms): 2 random cut attacks across the party.
  • Menacing Roar (Uses head): Lowers the defense of the entire party.

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