Clarret Hollows
The sixth and final stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. It is the absolute center of the Labyrinth, and is comprised of flesh-like walls and floor. The monsters here are different, much stronger than anywhere else in the Labyrinth.

The floors themselves are also far more complex than the previous strata. B26F and B29F consist of extensive warp mazes. B27F is mostly dark and littered with holes that force the party to fall to a large area in B28F, which in turn consists of powerful damage tiles and is the earliest place where the player encounters Depth Dancers, the strongest FOE in the labyrinth. B30F is comparatively simple, but also houses the strongest enemies in the game.



Floor Monsters FOEs/Bosses Mined Items Chopped Items Taken Items Number of Treasure Boxes
B26F Sawfish, Hellfly, Gasser Tree, Leukocyte Nether Tortoise -- -- Ambrosia, Monotropastrum, Headroot 1
B27F Sawfish, Leukocyte, Steel Barb, Bladefish, Hazefly, Red Corpuscle Songbird Tri-Color, Calculus, Legroot -- -- 5
B28F Gasser Tree, Spiked Roller, Bladefish, Hazefly, Red Corpuscle, Evilroot Depth Dancer, Blizzard Clone Tri-Color, Calculus, Legroot Moschino, Lady Palm, Armroot Ambrosia, Monotropastrum, Headroot 1
B29F Hellfly, Leukocyte, Spiked Roller, Bladefish, Steel Barb, Hazefly, Red Corpuscle, Evilroot, Spiked Roller, Huge Ant Bane Lizard, Storm Clone Tri-Color, Calculus, Legroot Moschino, Lady Palm, Armroot Ambrosia, Monotropastrum, Headroot 4
B30F Hazefly, Leukocyte, Red Corpuscle, Steel Barb, Spiked Roller, Huge Ant, Iron Crab, World Clover Nether Tortoise, Bane Lizard, Depth Dancer, Dragon Clone, Yggdrasil Core -- -- -- 1


  • During Story Mode, the player is directly taken to B30F to kill the Yggdrasil Core. The shortcut leading directly to its room is unlocked, while the doors that lead to the large hallways in the sides of the room are locked. After seeing the credits, should one continue their current file instead of going to a New Game+, they will be able to explore Claret Hollows in its entirety, and the shortcut on B30F remains unlocked.
  • The complete layout of B30F resembles the Yggdrasil Core itself.


Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth VI - Claret Cavern04:33

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth VI - Claret Cavern

  • Yggdrasil Core
  • Gasser Tree
  • Nether Tortoise
  • Leukocyte
  • Hellfly
  • Bladefish
  • Songbird
  • Steel Barb
  • Flame Ooze
  • Bane Dragon
  • Evilroot
  • Huge Ant
  • Red Corpuscle
  • Hazefly

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