The fifth game in the series offers ten brand-new classes to choose from, eschewing the classes from all previous games, as well as the subclassing and Grimoire systems. Instead of subclassing and Grimoires, each class now gets a choice between two advanced skill trees, called Legendary Names, unlocked after clearing the 2nd stratum. Choosing between either of said skill trees will open up different skills to the class and change their stat growth, effectively allowing for a total of twenty different types of builds for a wide variety of roles.

Main Classes Edit

Changing ClassesEdit

Adventures that come to the city of Iorys are ordered to take on a “Cartography Mission” to check their skills. Those that complete that mission can “change classes”, since all 4 races gather and cooperate with each other in this special city. When a character changes classes, their appearance and status will remain the same while being able to take on a different class. (*However, their level will decrease by 5.) This will surely broaden the range of your character creations.

Legendary NamesEdit

Once you complete a certain condition during your adventurers, you will be acknowledged as being “Masters”. Once you become a Master, you can select one of 2 titles called “Legendary Names”. Depending on your choice, the type of “Mastery Skills” that only Masters can learn will be decided, so select a Legendary Name according to the skills you want to learn.

Races Edit

There are four races in Etrian Odyssey V: Earthlain (humans), Celestrians (elves), Therians (beastkin), and Brouni (dwarves). Each race has its own specific skills, initial class options, and dictates the party member's base stat growth. Members of a race can switch to classes initially available to other races to utilize the different stat spread of other races - i.e. it is possible to have an Earthrun Herbalist, Therian Cestus, etc.

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